Five Reasons Washington, D.C. Has the Happiest Single Women

Glamour and survey shows that out of the top 10 metropolitan areas in the United States, single women are the happiest in Washington, D.C.

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So Glamour magazine and have a new survey out showing that out of the top 10 metropolitan areas in the United States, single women are the happiest in Washington, D.C. According to's "chief scientific adviser," Washington women see a constant change in people coming and going with each new administration, and thus there is a "continually renewed source of men." (The fact that there is a chief scientific adviser implies that there are many scientific advisers at

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I've lived in Washington all my life, and even though I have been married for the last 20 years, I feel I can speak with authority on this issue thanks to all my single girlfriends. Here are a few more reasons why I think all the single ladies love D.C.:

  1. The cat's away, mice will play. According to Glamour, there are more single women than single men in Washington. Right now, many of the guys are out on the campaign trail for the year, and the women are running the town. Overall, there are also many more female senators and congresswomen, Supreme Court justices, and business executives living in D.C. than there were even 20 years ago. No wonder the ladies are enjoying themselves—there are more of them in charge.
  2. Sex in the city. Apparently the women in Boston are miserable, as Boston is rated lowest on the "singles satisfaction scale." Glamour makes the connection that one out of eight men in Boston expects sex on the first date, and that is what is making the women miserable. Here in D.C., things are different. A few years ago, the Samsung Corporation polled 300 people in eight markets and found that in 27 percent of Washingtonians said they would give up sex for one year before they'd give up their cellphones. (I believe this to be true based on the number of guys I see around town wearing not one but two Blackberry "holsters" on their belts.)  I'm not saying people are prudes, I'm just saying dating moves at a different speed here. There are a lot of dates at documentary screenings, book signings, and political fund-raisers here. And a White House State Dinner? Now that's a Washington woman's idea of a good time.
  3. No NASCAR in D.C. Vegas has its boxing matches, the South has auto racing, and I can't remember the last time a World Wrestling Federation event was held here—outside of a Capitals hockey game, there isn't that much manly entertainment in D.C. As a result, the men have more time to spend taking women to the ballet, opera, and theater. I bet we get to watch more chick movies than women in other cities. It works out great for us.
  4. No traffic jams. Presumably the majority of single chicks are not stuck in carpools driving kids around like the rest of the married women with children in D.C., which was recently named the worst city in America when it comes to traffic. The single women see the future and realize how good they've got it right now. They can walk and take the Metro everywhere, and their quality of life is higher. If I could do that instead of sitting in traffic back-ups on the way to sports practices, I'd be happier too.
  5. No blonde jokes. Men here are very respectful of women, for the most part, in part because they know it's a good rule that in politics, you should never burn a bridge. Today's receptionist could be tomorrow's legislative director. Men actually hold doors open for women around here, and I can't tell you how many men apologize before they cuss when I'm around. Women love that.
  6. Care to add to the list? Or tell me what the situation is in your city?  

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