Mary Kate Cary

July 2011

Barack Obama the BIg Winner in GOP Twitter Debate

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Here at Thomas Jefferson Street, we watch presidential candidates debate on Twitter so you don’t have to! Yesterday we watched the launch of a new idea, created by The organization invited all the GOP presidential candidates to a 90-minute debate in which they’d have to answer ...

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tea party
Republican Party
2012 presidential election
Bachmann, Michele
Obama, Barack
Cain, Herman
Santorum, Rick
Gingrich, Newt
Johnson, Gary
White House
Paul, Ron
Romney, Mitt
Pawlenty, Tim
Huntsman, Jon

Unemployment Numbers Raise Stakes for Debt Ceiling Summit

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Friday’s unemployment numbers--the highest since December 2010--have upped the ante on the need for serious deficit reduction to help spur economic growth. With the White House set for more debt limit negotiations with Republicans Sunday, it seems all of Washington is waiting to see what happens.


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Bush, George H.W.
Republican Party
Obama, Barack
deficit and national debt

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