CPAC: The Deficit Is Too Damn High!

Jimmy McMillan makes an appearance at CPAC

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This just in: according to the Daily Caller my favorite candidate (so far) for 2012, Jimmy “The Rent is Too Damn High” McMillan, Friday made an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference here in Washington. Apparently McMillan took CPAC by storm before announcing on Revolution Radio--a hip new Internet-based conservative radio station at--that he was launching a Republican campaign for president.

McMillan repeated his original slogan, along with the variation “the deficit is too damn high,” while holding a shoe aloft in solidarity with Egyptian protestors. He told onlookers he was defending the future of America’s youth, who are suffering from the mistakes of previous generations. “We’re asking you to overthrow the vote of your parents,” McMillan said.

First The Donald made a surprise appearance (like many of my girlfriends who also find him highly entertaining, I wish he’d do something about his hair) and now this! McMillan has changed his slogan to “The Deficit Is Too Damn High”--how great is that?

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