Mary Kate Cary

February 2011

Democrats Should Pray There's No Federal Government Shutdown

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Time magazine is reporting that a secret GOP plan is in the works to avert a government shutdown. House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are drafting a plan that includes $4 billion in cuts and would fund the government for two weeks that could go to the House ...

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McCaskill, Claire
2012 presidential election
Democratic Party
Republican Party
McConnell, Mitch
Boehner, John

Obama, Congress Need to Better Explain the Budget Deficit Danger

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This morning’s latest poll numbers from Pew are a confusing mish-mash of conflicting priorities and contradictory statements: The voters are still worried about the deficit and don’t want to increase spending, but...they don’t actually want to cut spending either. Some think the economy is ...

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Republican Party
health care reform
Obama, Barack
deficit and national debt
Ryan, Paul
Rubio, Marco
national security terrorism and the military

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