Sarah Palin's 'Mama Grizzlies' Video Helps Her Image

There’s definitely been a “mom awakening,” as she puts it.


Earlier today, Sarah Palin posted a new video entitled “Mama Grizzlies” on her Facebook page. She says that this year will be remembered as the year “commonsense conservative” women get things done for our country, and I think she’s right about that. It’s only about two minutes long, and you should take a look:

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If Palin continues along these lines--with an uplifting message for women, using more light humor than angry victimization, sounding more “pink elephant” than “Sarahcuda”--she might change a lot of people’s perceptions of her. Mike Allen of Politico called the video “powerful” and “shrewdly choreographed.” Alex Wagner of Politics Daily didn’t like the video at all, pointing out its lack of non-white faces and “inflammatory” rhetoric. The Huffington Post’s news story on the video is followed by 46 pages of comments from readers, all over the map.

So while we can debate the merits of this video, I think there’s no debating that’s she’s got her finger on the pulse in terms of conservative women becoming more active lately. There’s definitely been a “mom awakening,” as she puts it, over the last year and a half--and the only question is how much of an effect they’ll have in November. I bet it’s going to be big.

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