Snow Coverage Whites Out Iran News

Hopefully the regime will fall soon.

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By Mary Kate Cary, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

With all the round-the-clock weather reporting in the news, it seems like two stories have been pushed aside: relief efforts in Haiti and the protests in Iran. This week is the anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the Shah, and the Iranian government has marked the occasion with massive rallies--as well as a monstrous police presence, the shutting down of communications, and a crackdown on demonstrators.

Planet Iran is reporting that Iran was the leading jailer of journalists in the world in 2009, and one look at the live-blogging there and Andrew Sullivan's site will tell you that it's not just journalists who are being arrested.

Here's what Michael Ledeen is writing at Pajamas Media:

One of the most fascinating aspects of the current phase of the Iranian revolution is that many of those arrested knew it was coming, had the opportunity to hide, but chose to go to jail. They viewed their arrest as a badge of honor, and (not to make light of the horrors of Iranian jails) perhaps even a good career move. They expect the regime to fall, and they are building up credits for the next government.

Sullivan links to The Daily Nite Owl, a blogger named Josh Shahryar, who is live-blogging news from Tehran. If you look at Shahryar's recent posts, you'll see he also was live-blogging news from the streets in Haiti last month, mostly aggregating live reports from Twitter, other social media, cable and print news, and amateur video loaded onto YouTube. It's riveting.

As I write this, the Iranian protests seem to have settled down for the night, but I'm going to keep checking in over the weekend to see what's going on. My hope is that the regime will fall soon, and that the people of Iran will prevail before there is any more violence against brave people seeking peace and freedom.

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