Is Newsweek's 'The Decade in Seven Minutes' Biased?

How well does the video sum up the last decade?

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By Mary Kate Cary, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Here's a topic for your family to get into over Thanksgiving dinner ...

New Year's Eve this year marks the end of the decade. Newsweek has put together a video that summarizes the major news events of 2000 through 2009 in seven minutes.

The video moves quickly and when I watched it I thought some of it was pretty biased, but couldn't catch every little remark, since it rushes through at a breakneck pace. Luckily, the Media Research Center has a partial transcript of it for us and, upon slower examination, the MRC says the video is "sharply partisan and liberal." The MRC is pretty conservative, granted, but I think they're right.

Three questions for you after you watch it:

  1. What do you think of the video—should this be on Newsweek's website or the Democratic National Committee's?
  2. Newsweek asks if they've forgotten anything; what would you add to it?
  3. What should this most recent decade (2000-2009) be called—the Zeros, the Noughts, the First Decade of the Second Millenium, the Oh-Ohs (00s), the 2000s? There are a lot of suggestions on the blogosphere ... What do you think?
  4. Have a great Thanksgiving. My project this week is to read Sarah Palin's book, as I promised last Friday (The Thomas Jefferson Street Blog: We Read Going Rogue So You Don't Have To!). So far, I'm on page 75, with 328 pages to go. This year I'm thankful for...big print and lots of photographs!

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