Houston’s Bush Tops List of Best Airports for Thanksgiving Travel

Could Houston's Bush Intercontinental airport be number one because of its name?


By Mary Kate Cary, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

This morning's Daily Beast ranks the best and worst American airports, just in time for the busiest travel week of the year. Take a look at the rankings so you'll be prepared for the nightmare if your destination is on the list.

It's no surprise that Newark, New Jersey ranks as the "airport from hell," but let's have a drumroll for the best airport in the United States. I'll give you a hint: it's named after my favorite skydiving former President. Next time you're flying into Houston, check out the statue of him in the middle of the terminal and read about his career as a Navy pilot who flew over 50 combat missions into very dangerous territory during WWII. No wonder operations there are so highly ranked ...

George Bush is not the only Navy pilot to have an airport named after him. Butch O'Hare of Chicago's O'Hare International was a Navy aviator, too, but his airport is ranked #22. Here's the crucial difference: George Bush is known as a very punctual person—he doesn't like to keep people waiting, ever—and clearly that's translated itself into the culture of the airport, with its #1 ranking for on-time holiday departures. He's also known as a very polite man, famous for his thank-you notes. Maybe that has something to do with this.

Perhaps Newark should change its name—it's not named after anyone—and find a namesake with a similar reputation for punctuality and pleasantness. Any suggestions?

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