With Google Voice, Say Goodbye to Voicemail Once and for All

Call me? I'd rather get a text.


By Mary Kate Cary, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Great post recently by Farhad Manjoo on Slate.com predicting the coming demise of voicemail:

Every new way we develop of talking to one another—e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, Twitter, etc.—is faster and more useful than leaving an audio message on someone's phone. That's why, according to cell phone companies, lots of people only rarely dial in to their messages, and some of us have stopped checking entirely. It won't be long till we're all in that camp; the end of voice mail is nigh, and it won't be missed.

Manjoo lists all the ways voicemail has become increasingly obsolete, and extols the virtues of Google Voice, which transcribes voicemail messages into E-mail text. Personally, I find texting my friends on their cellphones to be easier than leaving voicemail at their houses.

I say good riddance to voicemail. Readers, let me know what you think. But when you do, don't leave me a voicemail. I never check it.

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