I Believe President Obama

With apologies to the late, great Michael Kelly...I believe.


By Mary Kate Cary, Thomas Jefferson Street Blog

With apologies to Michael Kelly...

I believe.

I believe that the day of reckoning has come, that our economic problems are comparable only to the Great Depression, and that to fail to act is simply not an option.

I believe that Secretary Geithner has a comprehensive plan for solving the banking crisis, valuing the toxic assets and getting credit flow again, and that he really will be releasing it in the next few weeks.

I believe that before we do anything to rescue the banks, it is far more important to enact universal health care, promote alternative sources of energy, and ensure a free college education to everyone who volunteers for community service—because lack of health care, a comprehensive energy plan and affordable education were the cause of our economic problems.

I believe the President really wants to eliminate Congressional pork in these tough economic times, because he said so during the campaign, and that his support of the spending bill on the Senate floor with 9,000 earmarks in it doesn't count.

I believe that people who are opposed to the President's urgent agenda in health care, energy and education just haven't read his proposals yet. Once they do, they will join all Americans in supporting the President's important plan for action. Otherwise, they are just mired in the kind of petty, partisan mud-slinging that the American people rejected in November, when President Obama won.

I believe that enacting change and setting a new tone in Washington is important, and that having a senior aide at the White House guiding the Rush Limbaugh strategy also doesn't count.

Finally, I believe that you should never, ever let a serious crisis go to waste, because it provides the opportunity to do things that we could not do before.

I believe.

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