Lindsey Graham: Only Independents Can Fix the Political System

It’s up to Independents to reward public officials who are trying to come up with real solutions to the challenges we face.


Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, appearing on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday with Candy Crowley, had some harsh words for his Senate colleagues and for a system that thwarts any real bipartisanship. He said it’s up to the voters to let their members of Congress know enough is enough.

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“The public is rightfully upset about their Congress not delivering but when we try, groups on the left and the right just yell and scream. What I want to do is make sure that we can find a way to move forward. The current status quo is unacceptable. Be mad, get involved, insist that the Congress act better,” Graham told voters.

“To me the only way that we can move the country forward is to find common ground on the big ticket items. I hope that people in the country will start rewarding that more instead of punishing it.”

Politics is driven by those on the left and the right--party activists with a stake in the current system and the stalemate. But that’s not solving the nation’s problems, he said.

“If we keep yelling at each other,” said Graham, “if we keep just saying no to each other’s ideas we’re going to have one thing in common. We’re going nowhere together.”

Graham is right and it’s going to be up to Independent voters to make their voices heard, turn out this fall in the midterm elections, and reward public officials who are trying to work in a bipartisan way and come up with real solutions to the challenges we face. Otherwise we really will be going nowhere.

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