Fox Runs a Risk in Hiring Sarah Palin

Can she be a Fox contributor and a GOP rain maker?


By Linda Killian, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Since performance is what Fox News and most of cable television news is all about, especially in the evening programming hours, I'm sure that Sarah Palin will do extremely well there. Talking and performing is what she is good at, as opposed to governing, which she obviously found either too challenging, boring or not lucrative enough to hold her attention long enough to finish out her term as governor of Alaska.

She is colorful, provocative and attractive and she certainly appeals to the Fox demographic. An interesting question--will she continue to fund raise and campaign for Republican congressional candidates this year? Undoubtedly a great many GOP challengers were hoping for a visit from Palin to boost their profiles and raise some money for their campaigns. If she continues these activities it will only accentuate the partisanship of Fox News.

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