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April 2010

Obama's Nuclear Security Summit, the Flat Tax, and Liberal Thinking

The Real Problem With Nukes

The problem with the recent nuclear summit is that nothing is binding ["Reaching Critical Mass," April 16]. Our nuclear allies and nuclear foes can read this president like a book. It was all just smoke and mirrors, not hope and change.

LOUIS RUBEL Ft. Collins, Colo.

I am ...

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national security terrorism and the military
nuclear weapons
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Climate Change Debate and 'The Future of Energy'

The Climate Change Debate

Is the earth warming ["The Future of Energy," April 2010]? Is the warming a result of mankind's use of carbon fuels? I'm not sure anyone knows. But the questions are moot. We in the United States are squandering gasoline and diesel fuel. Oil is not unlimited. We must use it ...

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