'Creepy Uncle Sam' Insults Generation Y

We do not need vague, crude ads about Obamacare.

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I am a self-supporting uninsured student living in Los Angeles, and using tasteless propaganda advertisements, such as these by Generation Opportunity, to persuade young people to opt out of Obamacare is extremely insulting to Generation Y.

We need to cut out all of these ambiguous ads and get to the truth about Obamacare. Groups like Generation Opportunity need to stop treating us like children, because we are capable of reading the Affordable Care Act and deciding if it will benefit us. We do not need vague, crude ads to persuade our thinking when we have access to clear facts.

After reading several cons and pros of Obamacare, I am fully convinced that Obamacare will help the young adult population more than any other age group. As a student without insurance, I will finally be able to go to a doctor when I feel sick instead of hoping I feel better with a couple of over-the-counter medications. I won’t ever have to get turned away by a doctor again because I didn’t have enough funds.

As far as I am concerned, the GOP relates more to the "Creepy" Uncle Sam phenomenon than Obamacare.

Elizabeth Arellano

Student at California State University, Northridge
Los Angeles, California

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