Debating Donald Trump in 2012

Feedback on Paul Ryan's Budget and Donald Trump's 2012 Bid

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Debating Paul Ryan's Budget

Rep. Paul Ryan has the courage to tackle the "third rail" of politics and come up with a sensible plan to get America back on track ["Deficit Hawk Takes Aim," April 8]. Democrats railing about "shared sacrifice" really mean to avoid any sacrifice and to let our nation slide into an economic disaster. We need real leaders who are worried about us and not their re-election, and who truly have our nation as their first priority.


Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are winning anything but contempt from the American people. The Fed prints money faster than anyone can keep track of, and no one is doing anything to stop it. Families and businesses have had to make drastic changes to their spending to try and balance income with spending. No one in Washington is doing anything. The Republicans always cut taxes and add to the national debt. They have always borrowed against the future. The Democrats have always tried to raise taxes and then spend more that the new taxes will cover.

PAUL KRIG Katy, Texas

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Ryan has it right. All of Medicare and Medicaid need to be updated to reflect modern life spans. It is also time for the Democratic Party to remember its history. About 50 years ago, a Democratic president said, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." Today’s Democratic mantra is, "Ask not what you can do for your country, rather ask, nay, demand, what your country can do for you."

ROBERT MILLER Woodbridge, Va.

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Trump 2012?

Donald Trump has completely ruined his credibility as an aspiring presidential candidate by restarting the old far-right claim about President Obama having been born in Kenya ["Editor’s Note," April 8]. Watching his interview, I found him arrogant and self-promoting. He reminds me of a neighborhood bully. Are we looking at one more candidate who is willing to say anything just to call attention to himself?

MICHAEL BANN Mount Bethel, Pa.

Trump is a fresh voice unrestrained by the practice of divisive party politics. Many people might turn toward Trump out of frustration with our current political process and the system’s leaders (or lack thereof). I just wish he would get off the Obama birth certificate kick!


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Trump is only a serious self-promoter—he is not interested in being president or the leader of anyone he cannot say "you’re fired" to on the spot.

TIM MILLINGTON San Antonio, Texas

The American electorate is stupid enough that Trump has a real chance.

JAMES BOUSMAN Honolulu, Hawaii

That Trump is spending all his time investigating President Obama’s birth certificate is a perfect example of why he is basically unqualified to be president. He should be talking about real issues that matter to most Americans and not some wacky ideas from the fringe right wing.

DAVID P. SMITS Kaukauna, Wis.

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Just because Trump makes statements that the media or other people claim are ludicrous does not mean that he is exempt from running. For the most part, running for the presidency requires money, ego, and self-promotion, and Trump seems to have all of the above.


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