Iran, Egypt, and Crazy Republicans

And fondly recalling George H.W. Bush.


Handling Iran

You ask if the United States should assist in the Iranian government's downfall ["Editor's Note"]. As much as this is something we'd like to see happen, my answer is a definite no. We should not interfere at all in other governments, ever, no matter the circumstances. I am so tired of our leaders thinking of us as "World Leaders" and therefore assuming we can tell people in other parts of the world what they should do. Our minding others' business is one reason so much of the world hates us.

JACQUELINE JOHNSON Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Fearing the Brotherhood

The mission in the Muslim Brotherhood's constitution is still the same (elimination of Israel, enmity to the United States, jihad) and the recent polls showed a high degree of positive feelings about fundamentalist aspects of Islam on the part of the Egyptian people ["Democracy in Egypt No Easy Matter"]. And the situations in both Gaza and Lebanon demonstrate the fallacy of hoping for a full-fledged democracy when there are organized parties to take advantage of the voting process. Indeed, if what we are seeing now is Egypt for the Egyptians, it's not paranoia to be concerned about the future in the Middle East.


Schlesinger Is Crazy

Robert Schlesinger is as loony as he accuses others of being ["When Did the GOP Become the Crazy Party?"]. I don't mind views from both sides, and that is what I have always enjoyed about U.S. News, but those views should be thoughtful and respectful. All Schlesinger cares about is his own extreme left wing vitriol. Enough already!

LEE ADAIR Coto de Caza, Calif.

Appreciating George H.W. Bush

To know George H.W. Bush and to have had the opportunity and honor to serve in his administration [in the Office of Advance] is the ability to see that this man deserves the Medal of Freedom and the appreciation of all Americans for his contributions to this country during his presidency and up to the present day ["Bush's 'Points of Light' Keep Shining"]. Congratulations and best wishes for a job well done and the recognition he deserves.


One of the most gloriously optimistic statements George H.W. Bush ever made was about the nature of Americans who took on the toughest challenges our society presents. To paraphrase, he said, "Every problem in America is being solved, somewhere." It's such a simple but profound statement. The challenge was how to replicate the solution, how to share it, how to learn from one community and apply those lessons to the next. His Daily Points of Light program was a noble attempt to do just that. For that, and so many other reasons, I was thrilled to see him honored today by President Obama, and proud to have served in his White House [as assistant to the president and senior staffer].

DAVID DEMAREST Sausalito, Calif.

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