The 2010 Republican Wave and Obama's Flagging Approval

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What the GOP Wave Means

I’ve always agreed somewhat with each party’s ideas but never fully with either [“GOP Wave Sweeps Capitol Hill,” November 5]. Perhaps now we will get some truly meaningful legislation out of Washington. This bitter feud between Democrats and Republicans should end. A more understanding tone should prevail. The radicals, on both sides, will be tempered by the middle-of-the-road predominance. That should enable more compromises.

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FRED BEHR Whitesboro, N.Y.

One unfortunate byproduct of the Republican Revolution of 2010 is that if  left to Congress, the president’s promise to end the bizarre and anachronistic “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is likely to be broken. Republicans, and particularly those on the far right, have found that it plays well with their supporters to continue treating homosexuals as lepers. Their view is reinforced by a number of prominent members of the military who tell us that “troop morale” will be negatively impacted by the presence of those whose sexuality is not considered to be the norm. What a tragedy that our nation refuses to join the enlightened countries of the world in recognizing that homosexuality is not a factor that renders one incompatible with military service.

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OREN SPIEGLER Upper St. Clair, Pa.

As a lifelong Republican political activist, I have been asked several times about my reaction to the recent apparent Republican election victory. I usually respond with an example from when I worked in the real estate business. We experienced many ups and downs and, naturally, we overinvested during the boom and consequently lost big during the bust. A common joke was that we used to pray: “Lord, if you give me just one more real estate cycle, I promise that I won’t screw it up this time.” Republicans have been given one more chance.

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To Deal or Not to Deal?

Jobs and taxes, taxes and jobs will be the focus of the lame-duck Congress [Editor’s Note, November 5]. Since the GOP is not yet in charge, they will have to agree to something or risk looking foolish right after the new session begins. Democrats should paint the president’s $250,000 limit as hard on trial lawyers, since they are supposedly a favored constituency.

STEVE SHERMAN Mountain View, Calif.

Lost Love for Obama

Obama doesn’t get it. Americans have spoken [“Assessing the Democrats’ Election Disaster,” November 5]. Obama will never accept that his agenda is not acceptable and he’s going to be a one-term president. Healthcare will be overturned, and we took away the checkbook. The arrogance of the Democrats with their backroom deals is over. These two years have been pure hell. As a Democrat, the lesson I learned is never again to give my vote to them. If you believe Obama and the Dems will change, forget it.

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LEE HAUSER Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Obama has divided us, calling those who disagree with him enemies. He has squandered almost a trillion dollars on goodies for public employee unions, auto companies, and Wall Street, while failing to create the needed jobs. He passed an unintelligible healthcare bill by bribing senators and arm-twisting representatives, all the while misrepresenting the financial impact on the general public. Obama has lost all credibility—whatever he has to say is suspect despite the attempts of the mainstream (what stream is it, anyway?) media to cover up the lies and incompetence.

SUE MASIELLO Solebury, Pa.

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