Democrats and Immigration, Mideast Peace, and a GOP Takeover

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Democrats and Illegal Amnesty

If leftist Democrats like Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi again win control of Congress, they along with liberationist Obama will grant total amnesty to all illegal immigrants, most of whom are Latinos whom Democrats are politically beholden to [“Democrats Practicing Campaign Triage,” October 15]. Pelosi, Boxer, and the Democrat-controlled state legislature made California a “Sanctuary State” and radically changed California two ways: First, the torrent of illegal immigrants in the last three decades has catastrophically overtaxed government, causing devastating public deficits; and second, Latinos will in a couple of decades be the major race in California and Spanish its most spoken language. (President Obama is on record saying, “America’s children should speak Spanish.”) These leftist Democrats will do to the nation what they did to California. [See where Pelosi gets her campaign money.]

[Read more about immigration reform.]

DAVEY TRUMAN Santa Cruz, Calif.

Obama’s Mideast Peace Game

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not realize that the Middle East game has changed [“Negotiating Peace Should Be a Private Process,” October 15]. No American administration and no Arab negotiator has ever made settlements out to be the critical issue. Mutual recognition, the end of hostilities, the borders separating Israel and Palestine, and refugees were the problems to be solved. Barack Obama changed all that. He, like former President Jimmy Carter, sees the Middle East conflict from a distinctly Arab perspective. Obama lavishes praise on the Arabs and misses no opportunity to scold Israel. His philosophy seems to be that if only Israel were more cooperative and did whatever the Arabs wanted, the Arabs would reciprocate. So he has scant praise for Israel unilaterally setting a 10-month construction freeze, while the Palestinians name public places after terrorists. Now Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas threatens to quit peace talks unless the construction freeze is made permanent. The focus of the talks should be to set borders, allowing each side to build on its own territory. One must conclude that, even with a sympathetic American administration backing them, the Arabs are still not interested in allowing a Jewish state to exist.


A GOP Takeover?

Of course Republicans are going to win the House and maybe even the Senate because America, the greatest country in the world, is racist to its core [Editor’s Note, October 15]. So the majority of white Americans, or the 70 percent majority of Americans (as Bill O’Reilly likes to say), would rather put control back into the hands of Republicans, who over the course of eight years left America in its worst economic shape since the Great Depression. These racist Americans are comfortable with this economic weakness [even] realizing that it makes this great nation extremely vulnerable to nuclear superpowers like Russia, China, and, unfortunately, even India and Pakistan. The power of racism is amazing. It can apparently cause one to be willing to place his own children in harm’s way just to feel more comfortable, or should I say superior?


[Can the president do anything to change the November outcome?] 1. Spend more time praising America than bashing it. 2. Honor your oath to uphold the Constitution. Stop trying to “revise” it into a progressive document. 3. Renounce the state religion of environmentalism. Green theology has destroyed industry, forced jobs out of the country, kept us dependent on our enemies for energy, increased prices for goods and services, and reduced recreational opportunities for millions. 4. Proclaim that unborn babies are endowed by the Creator with inalienable rights. Further, that these rights are not predicated upon the personal whimsy of irresponsible, selfish parents for the sake of their personal convenience. 5. Cast out party members who dishonor their oath of office—draining the swamp, as it were. 6. Reduce the size and scope of the federal government. Guarantee more autonomy to the states. 7. Support term limits. 8. Renounce pork-barrel politics. 9. Support vouchers, charter schools, and private education. 10. Reduce the size of the kingdom. There simply aren’t enough resources to man the outposts of the realm. And, sadly, it is also so with the Republicans.

RICHARD SCHAEFER Marina del Rey, Calif.

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