Airport Security, Financial Reform, and Oil Drilling

From racial profiling to whether offshore drilling should be shut down

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Improve Airport Security

It seems strange to me that the no-fly list is not checked at the initial security checkpoint instead of at the individual airline’s boarding section [“Another Close Call With Terrorism,” May 7]. Who does the checking at the gates and couldn’t they be in collusion with the suspected terrorist? And in our zeal to be politically correct and avoid so-called racial profiling, we are needlessly endangering lives. I recently traveled with a female friend in her mid-70s who has had hip replacement. She was subjected to intense questioning and a thorough body search at both airports. Especially in these days of limited human, financial and time resources, our efforts should be expended where they will do the most good, whether it is fighting terrorism, stopping illegal aliens, or trying to stop any other crime from occurring. If the greatest number of crimes are committed by a certain group, regardless of who they are, that is where we should be focusing our efforts. All this nonsense about not using racial profiling is eventually going to be our complete undoing.

BEV WILEY Coulterville, Ill. Time for Fiscal Reforms

Clearly, much reform is needed to get our federal debt reduced [“Voters See the Debt Crisis. Why Don’t Pols?” May 7]. First, I believe we must means test Social Security and Medicare. Secondly, fraud in Medicare and income tax must be more aggressively pursued. There are just too many loopholes in both programs and too few defenses. Third, we must make Congress more efficient. Change the rules so that whatever bill is being put up for votes must have provisions that only pertain to the topic at hand. This crazy business of amendments totally unrelated to the bill’s purpose invites all sorts of stupid games, which seems to be the norm these days. Finally, reduce our defense spending by not building aircraft, ships, bases, etc., which are not fully needed and justified.

DON COSTELLO South Hadley, Mass.

To Drill or Not to Drill?

As tragic as the recent accident in the Gulf is, it would be a major mistake to shut down offshore drilling [“Fighting an Oil Monster,” May 7]. We need every source of energy we can get our hands on, until we have a cheap and abundant, renewable energy source. We continue to fly in airplanes although there have been horrific accidents. We continue to use nuclear power in spite of the incident at Three Mile Island, although we should be using more. We have the capability of walking and chewing gum at the same time and should be able to deep-drill offshore and keep the environment pristine.


We should stop all offshore drilling immediately. That means closing down all existing oil rigs and stopping any new drilling forever. All [oil wells] should be capped in a way that will stay secure forever.

FRED AND MARY LYNNE WRIGHT Colorado Springs, Colo.

Obama’s grade should be “F” for the incompetence his “team” showed in responding to the Gulf oil spill.  His gross negligence is going to have a grievously negative impact on the Gulf coastline for decades. Why isn’t the liberal media howling for Obama’s job now, as they did for Bushy’s?


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