Wall Street, the 2010 Elections, and Home Schooling

From Wall Street being the ‘bad guy’ to whether there are any incumbent politicians worth voting for

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Villainizing Wall Street

How comforting to know that Anna Burger is one of the president’s advisers for economic recovery [“Policing Wall Street,” April 23]. Certainly, she is well qualified to identify Wall Street bankers as the sole cause of the recent financial crisis. It couldn’t possibly be the fault of absurdly low interest rates maintained by the Federal Reserve or the fact that Democrats in Congress failed to rein in the profligate practices of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. What a bunch of self-serving nonsense! “Wall Street is trying to buy Congress....” Probably because both the White House and the Democrats in that same Congress are already in the pocket of the labor unions. And poor union members were “pushed” into all kinds of risky financial deals because of Wall Street bankers, not because of their own personal greed. This administration is attempting to villainize another industry because, as we all know, only Obama knows what is best for citizens of this great land.

ALAN MILLER Sayville, N.Y.

To think that the pending legislation from this Congress and Executive Office will be meaningful is wishful thinking. Congress and the presidency are bought and paid for by big money, and no money is bigger than Wall Street. To wish otherwise is foolish. While Obama and Congress throw peanuts to the middle class in the form of tax credits, they are allowing Wall Street to continue without change, or more likely strengthening Wall Street’s position. And guess where the funds for political campaigns come from? I guess it would be expecting too much for them to bite the hand that feeds the entrenched and powerful.


Who Not to Vote For

The issue this fall is nothing less than whether or not America will right itself and remain viable or continue the current trend toward socialism and meritocracy [“Setting the Stage for the 2010 Vote,” April 30]. Obama is leading the country to the left and toward total government takeover of all major industries. I plan on voting for any candidate who has enough backbone to stand against this tide—Republican, Democrat, or independent. We need people who understand liberty and the preservation of the values that have allowed this country to be the envy of the world.


I plan on voting for no one, repeat no one, currently holding public office.

SANDY ALLEN Diamond City, Ark.

My mood is definitely different this year. I am trying for a clean slate. Politicians have forgotten they are public servants. I refuse to vote for a single incumbent on any level. In fact, I made up bumper stickers for the whole family at Christmas: “Re-elect NO ONE.”

BETH G. GALLOWAY Maggie Valley, N.C. Home Schooling’s Lessons

You say that in the effort to fund education, “there are few good options” [“Dodging Pink Slips for Teachers,” April 23]. Well, here’s one:  home schooling. The results are in after two decades of scrutiny. Home schooling produces better than average students, and now the first wave is also proving to be capable and responsible citizens. In addition, each K-12 home-schooled student saves taxpayers approximately $100,000, and you could consider it a downright patriotic thing to do. Best of all, after 16 years in the trenches, I think it’s fair to say that home schooling encourages parents, as well as children, to grow up.


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