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March 2010

Healthcare Reform Costs, Reconciliation, and Aging

Healthcare Costs Controversy

It is too easy to vilify the health insurance companies as rates go up ["The White House Vs. Big Insurance," March 12]. The real culprit is the whole healthcare system, including the American people. We demand instant cures and lots of technology. When most of our ...

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College Tuition Costs and Concerns Over Loans

Here in Texas, the rate of tuition increases for state colleges has been obscene for the last 10 years [“Bigger Tuition Bills and Student Loans Coming in 2011,” usnews.com]. It is high time that parents and students say “enough is enough.” When we stop selling ourselves to these colleges at ...

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Managing State Finances

The only way to fix the economy is by changing the system to get rid of unprofitable things; businesses that can't make a profit should close and states that can't balance their budgets need to cut spending or raise taxes.

Edmund Burke of OK in response to Washington Whispers:

Next Bubble:

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state budgets

Obama's First Year in Perspective

Thanks for expressing how I and many Americans feel about President Obama and Congress ["Obama's Big Swoon," February 2010]. I voted for the other guy but I was tempted to vote for Obama because he promised change. In the end, I decided he was too inexperienced and too liberal for my tastes. I was ...

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