Reactions to the Historic Healthcare Reform

The true "vindication" of Obama and his healthcare plan will come with the mid-term elections in November ["House Vote to Pass Healthcare Vindicates Obama's Leadership,"].


The true "vindication" of Obama and his healthcare plan will come with the mid-term elections in November ["House Vote to Pass Healthcare Vindicates Obama's Leadership,"]. If the Democrats' losses are minimal, then Obama is vindicated. If the Democrats' losses are significant, it will be a repudiation of Obama and his healthcare. A lot can change between now and then. I wonder how much my insurance premiums will go up next year to cover the 26-year-old children of my fellow policy holders or how many without insurance for their children with pre-existing conditions will join my plan (I think this number is small). I won't see any of these effects or understand how my taxes will be affected until after the election. So my votes this fall will be based more on "projected" data than actual data. Just like the CBO scoring.

Comment by Bob of TX

I just want to put out there that as an American, I am proud that our president has made history and affirmed the ideals and principles of our great nation with this imperfect yet, impressive legislative achievement. I know that others believe that they alone speak for the country. I welcome their opinion respectfully, but I want to point out that they don't represent all of us.

Comment by Jonathan of CA 

The GOP and the associated tea parties have proven that they only care about one thing: money. They don't care about poor people or sick children. They don't care about their fellow Americans. They only care about reducing their tax bill, and they don't care who it hurts. If a bill was introduced that would outlaw abortion, flag burning, and gay marriage but raise their taxes 1 percent, they would vote against it.

Comment by Sam of TX 

President Obama's leadership has just divided this country deeper than the Iraq War could have ever done, even if it would have lasted 100 years. Pray for our president, our leaders, and wisdom for the American people.

Comment by David of ID 

"That's what change looks like!" Those were the words the president used to describe the health insurance reform bill. How eye opening! Indeed, in a representative democracy like ours, change, even change for the better, does not come easily. How wonderful it is to have a president who is visionary yet practical, eloquent yet focused, one who, when convinced, will adopt views he was previously against, such as escalating the war in Afghanistan, does what has to be done even if he personally hates it, such as the AIG and GM bailouts, and does the right thing even if it's not popular, such as the health insurance reform. My hat's off to you, Mr. President.

Comment by Bruce of CO 

I have a good job and good health insurance. This bill makes me want to drop my health insurance and pay cash from now on just because I can't stand the idea that I have no choice but to buy insurance. The idea that folks who can afford to pay their medical bills are forced to buy insurance strikes me as plainly un-American. In any case, the mandate is so plainly unconstitutional that it likely will be struck down by this or a future Supreme Court. It is inevitable that the Supreme Court will take up the question. Many appeals are planned.

Comment by Dan of MD 

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