Glenn Beck, Doctors, and Healthcare Reform

When it comes to healthcare for all American citizens, we are living still in the Stone Age ["Glenn Beck vs. Doctors on Healthcare Reform,"].

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When it comes to healthcare for all American citizens, we are living still in the Stone Age ["Glenn Beck vs. Doctors on Healthcare Reform,"]. Most countries in Europe have had it for over 50 years already, and so has Canada. Why does it work in those countries? And why should it not work here in the United States? How can this country always find the money to fight the wars that cost millions, and we can't find a way to get money to cover [healthcare] for all of our citizens? Something is wrong here. Here is mighty America—almost the only country in the world that is not taking care of its sick citizens.

Comment by Barry Meyer of OR

Not all nurses or medical people are in support of this horrific healthcare reform bill. I am a registered nurse, and it is true that I have dedicated my life to helping people. Because of that, I am passionately against this healthcare reform bill. People need to stand up for their lives and their health! Vote No.

Comment by Kathie Wells of TX 

That seems to be the problem, that so many are not serious about fixing our collapsing healthcare system. A system where we are paying twice as much for healthcare as the rest of the modern industrialized world, with half the quality. We need healthcare reform now, no doubt. Don't trust the health insurance companies or their paid spokesman, [Glenn] Beck.

Comment by Randy of TX 

Glenn Beck's drivel aside, I find doctors (and hospitals) are assigned this undeserved sheen. They [are not] accountable [for] cost and all the incentives are not to make care cost less but to charge as much as they can. The third-party reimbursement mechanism through which almost all healthcare is paid drives this complete lack of accountability. Doctors want to make money...not a crime, but who wouldn't want to perpetuate a system where they can charge for services with none of the factors all other businesses have to deal with? Hospitals are even worse...they still charge thousands for services that could be provided for a fraction of that.

Comment by R. Bonino of CA 

The docs that Obama keeps trotting out are university types and researchers. The docs who see patients and that I have met are almost universally opposed to what Obama and the Democrats are trying to do. Which is why membership has fallen by so much in the American Medical Association. As is the case with most things, there is more here than meets the eye.

Comment by Sam of VA 

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