Debating Tea Party Protests Against Obamacare Health Reform

After seeing a member of the tea party on TV this morning, I wonder where the grassroots of the tea party come in ["Tea Party Plans March Obamacare Protest,"].

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After seeing a member of the tea party on TV this morning, I wonder where the grassroots of the tea party come in ["Tea Party Plans March Obamacare Protest,"]. Sounds to me like the tea party is sponsored by the insurance industry. High-cost entry fees to your conventions in Tennessee and in Vegas is not the grassroots of America. I, like most Americans from the right or from the left, feel the country is dysfunctional, but for the tea party to say they are grassroots is a joke.

Comment by John Ostrowski of CO

I am 70 years old and have sufficient resources to handle my own healthcare requirements. I'm on Medicare but do not use it (and don't want it) but acknowledge that most people do, having failed to manage their personal finances efficiently. The tea party folks are making a larger point than healthcare; the government nationalization of critical aspects of our lives. The "poor and stupid" people referred to have more going for them than the highly educated (assumption) Obamacare supporter—they object to becoming wards of the state. For that, they deserve credit. When someone is able to determine whether people are "poor and stupid" from watching TV, I can only suggest he should watch less TV and make an effort to earn enough to take care of himself rather than look to the rest of us taxpayers to support him.

Comment by T. Simokat of CA 

I'm really not sure anything is grassroots in today's political climate. Every message and slogan is masterminded by somebody's selfish interest. The tea partiers want to believe this is some special movement they are participating in, but unfortunately it's just another platform for partisan talking points. I mean seriously, they talk about government waste and unneeded taxes, yet the "party" is willing to pay a reported $100,000 to Sarah Palin for speaking at one of its rallies? I mean, if that isn't the biggest waste of money, I'm not sure what is. The whole "movement" is a joke.

Comment by Jane of OR 

I'm too busy working to attend one of these. That said, do they solicit the unemployed to attend these? If so, then how can these people protest against the very thing that could save their lives during unemployment? Big, unregulated healthcare is in itself a death panel. In states with no regulation, it forces out the truly needy when they need it the most. Most of these tea partiers have no idea just how little a voice they have with their insurance companies. Unless you have access to considerable financial resources (i.e. lawyers), your chances at maintaining coverage when you need it decrease considerably. For those healthy enough for the system, premium rates skyrocket. Either way, the insurance companies make money, corporate officers get bonuses, and stockholders get rich. Just who wins here, again?

Comment by Robert G. of NY 

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