Cutting Postal Service to Save the Post Office?

If cutting back on delivery days means saving tax dollars, I'm all for it ["Why the Mail Should Come Every Other Day,"].

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If cutting back on delivery days means saving tax dollars, I'm all for it ["Why the Mail Should Come Every Other Day,"]. From what I'm hearing, the United States Postal Service is wasting our tax money, and I for one am tired of paying for it along with all the other waste that our government generates. I certainly can wait a day or two for the junk mail that I receive if it saves money and the USPS. Because of the high price of stamps, I now receive and pay all of my bills electronically. So it's a catch-22 situation for the USPS. They need revenue, and we need to cut spending. Unfortunately, as with any business, losing money isn't an option and the USPS shouldn't be any different, especially since citizens are paying for it. In these economic hard times, sacrifices must be made and higher taxes to continue paying for government waste shouldn't even be an option.

Comment by Michael Johnson of TX

I think the every-other-day delivery idea is great! I hate braving the cold to go down to the mailbox and find ad fliers in the box. Those pieces should have increased rates. Maybe we won't get as many. It is as bad as, if not worse, than E-mail spam. The carriers could still work a six-day week, just rotate the routes. I'm sure they wouldn't mind having their afternoons off, or back at the Postal Office where it's nice and warm, sorting mail. Probably sounds simplistic on my part, not knowing what actually goes on there, but I still think it is a great plan.

Comment by Myrtle Hipkins of PA 

Although there are several points made in this article, the major point has been missed. A brief conversation with anyone who has worked in the USPS will tell you that the union that dictates what the employees do and don't do has created most of this situation. Just as with some of the union situations at car manufacturers and grocery stores and the like—the USPS is drowning due to overregulation and a feeling that there is "no competition," even though there are competing forces driving down usage. In addition, the postal employees have generous coverage, healthwise: 100 percent of premiums paid. The Postal Service displays what is wrong with no sense of competition, and lack of ability to change, caused in great part by the union set up to "protect" employees.

Comment by Dave of MD 

What's more obsolete—Saturday delivery or a postmaster in every office? Before the people who actually deliver the product are eliminated, perhaps we need to take a look at the outdated notion that every post office needs its own postmaster. A postmaster running two offices or even more should be examined and implemented before we start cutting actual services.

Comment by Ken of NY 

I'm all for the Post Office delivering mail to home addresses only three days a week: Monday-Wednesday-Friday, or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. There are still other delivery methods available, either through the Post Office or Fed Ex, UPS, etc. Let's trim the Post Office delivery days!

Comment by Barry W. Shook of IN 

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