Obama's First Year in Perspective

Thanks for expressing how I and many Americans feel about President Obama and Congress ["Obama's Big Swoon," February 2010].

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Thanks for expressing how I and many Americans feel about President Obama and Congress ["Obama's Big Swoon," February 2010]. I voted for the other guy but I was tempted to vote for Obama because he promised change. In the end, I decided he was too inexperienced and too liberal for my tastes. I was shocked he made healthcare his signature issue with the economy in the tank. Even if he did a miraculous job with healthcare, it wasn't going to right the economy. Then he handed the issue to Congress and to people who are never concerned with cost but love to expand government so they can be re-elected. He did the same with the stimulus package and Congress porked that up as well, so much of that money never made it to the private-sector economy. I cannot figure out if Obama is really Sarah Palin (inexperienced and not ready for prime time) in disguise or if he really believes this is the proper course to take. Either way, it is really scary and very disappointing. The president seems intelligent when you listen to him, but his policies and decisions say otherwise. I am really puzzled and I think many who supported him are puzzled as well. Former President Clinton got off to a terrible start and then improved, so I'll hope Obama does too.

Michael K. Casler

Las Vegas Zuckerman hit the nail smack on the head in your February issue. At age 84, I still am interested in politics. Through many years I have been a Democrat, then a Republican, and now once again a Democrat. Present day Republicans have a been a big disappointment to me. However, I'm just about ready to change again and this time either quit or join the independents. I am so tired of the deception. Is there any hope for change? I voted for Obama and had high hopes, which now seem unattainable. Who will be the one to write the words for Obama to hear? My hope is you, and that he listens and acts before it is too late.

Nita Marsh

Rocklin, Calif.  I found your recent editorial on President Obama's failures most interesting. During the primaries and campaign, I was flabbergasted by the mainstream media's refusal to hold Obama up to the usual scrutiny. Only now do you seem to be admitting what was painfully obvious: The media (and much of the population) was so eager to "prove" its virtue on race that it willfully overlooked issues that would have doomed other candidates. I recommend you begin to hold up this administration to the type of scrutiny any administration deserves. Your job is to question and challenge...not report as fact any utterance from a politician. Why don't you start with a thorough, hard-hitting expose of the New Black Panthers case? How about really delving into climategate? How about investigating "green jobs" and how similar projects have turned out in Spain? How about our "safe schools czar" and his questionable past?

Tobin H. Williams

Bryn Mawr, Pa.  In response to Zuckerman's editorial, "Obama's Big Swoon," it seems that he hit the nail on the head by saying, "There is still time for Obama to change and turn things around. But the first year is the critical year, one in which the public defines the president..." The American public seems to be acting like a roomful of children who had a lot of toys, proceeded to break them, and is now telling dad that he didn't fix them fast enough. One year is not enough time for any president to "fix" problems that have been rising to the surface for decades now. Judging the accomplishments or lack thereof of the first year in office is just an immature way of dealing with one's own fear and uncertainty about the country's future.

Paul Loesel

New York 

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