Sarah Palin’s Talking Points

[Sarah Palin] helped Obama get elected ["Is Sarah Palin's Bid to Be President Over Before It Starts?"].

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[Sarah Palin] helped Obama get elected ["Is Sarah Palin's Bid to Be President Over Before It Starts?"]. She helped the GOP lose the presidential election. She offended all women with an IQ over 90, Republicans included. Conservatives need to get over this "liberals are scared of Palin" nonsense. What scares them is her lack of intelligence, lack of knowledge on the history of this country and the world, total lack of intellect, and inability to articulate any of her beliefs or policies...the list is too long. I am a "lib." I like George Will, Pat Buchanan, Peggy Noonan, [Mike] Huckabee, and Charlie Crist. This is not "libs" against Palin. This is all intelligent people against Palin. That would include conservative Republicans. Many, many Republicans criticized her lack of knowledge and intelligence during the presidential campaign. She hurt the party. Why would anyone think she has a chance of becoming anything more than a talk show host. I have to admit, she would be fabulous on QVC. Look for her in the future on Celebrity Apprentice.

Comment by Suzanne Cartman of FL 

The orchestrated attempt of the Democrat-controlled media to ridicule Governor Palin for her speech notes is a perfect example of just how far they have moved from being actual journalists. President Obama uses speech writers and a teleprompters for every utterance, still cannot pronounce corpsman correctly, and is given a pass by his adoring media. Governor Palin gives a fine speech from hand held notes, has some reminders written in her palm, and is smeared mercilessly. It makes one wonder what the Democrats are scared of. It makes one wonder what would have been revealed if the media had spent even a fraction of the time and resources vetting Obama that they have used attacking Sarah Palin.

Comment by Mike of FL 

Comparing Sarah's speaking ability to Obama's is the funniest comment I've ever read from a Palin fan. While Obama is clear, articulate, and always coherent, even when confronted by "gotcha" questions and hostile press and opponents, Sarah can barely put together a complete sentence. I really don't care if she needs to consult her hand—although it does make me question her maturity. Didn't she learn to use index cards while taking all those communication courses in college? One would think she would, at her age and after all she's been through, be able to give a speech that shows knowledge and understanding of issues and basic grammar.

Comment by Katie of ME 

It is amazing to me that our president cannot give a speech without two teleprompters and Sarah Palin gives a speech with only a few words written on her hand to remind her of the points she wants to cover, and she is considered less competent. Whether she is qualified to be president is another issue. The MSM has so vilified her that it is no wonder people really do not know about her or her qualifications. Is President Obama more qualified? Not from what I have seen so far. As for the mainstream or the independents, I can tell you that we do not feel that the MSM speaks for us.

Comment by Sherry of IN 

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