Blame Game Redux

It’s hard for me to understand why Mr. Obama would continue blaming Mr. Bush ["Obama Won't Abandon Blame Bush Strategy,"].


It's hard for me to understand why Mr. Obama would continue blaming Mr. Bush when in fact the Democrats were in control of the House and Senate the last four years of Mr. Bush's tenure ["Obama Won't Abandon Blame Bush Strategy,"]. If anyone should take the blame, it is the American people. We kept voting these people in. Just like people criticize the Supreme Court for its opinion that corporations and unions are people and entitled to free speech. Although I keep hearing about the corporations, it is apparently not convenient to acknowledge the unions were part of the lawsuit. We can criticize the Tea Party movement, but at least they blame both Republicans and Democrats for the mess we're in. Plus, they are trying to do something about the problems, not just standing on the sidelines wasting time criticizing others. I think it's time we all tried to be Americans and try to straighten our the problems, instead of the intellects that do nothing.

Comment by Carl Peterson of PA

Wait a minute. The Republicans blamed everything on Clinton for at least six years. Come on now. Be fair for a change. The mess we are in economically is entirely a Republican made one. Repubs have never been able to accept responsibility for any of their numerous mistakes. Reaganomics was just the beginning of the end for our country. We are becoming a Third World country and a fascist one rapidly because of the corporations that own our Congress. All brought to us by those misguided Reaganophiles. We have a rapidly diminishing middle class because of their hatred of blue-collar workers. The elitism of the Republicans has devastated the United States.

Comment by JB of IL 

Not every decision that Bush made was good or in the best interest of the nation. Though he made mistakes, he also articulated positive policies and did the best that he could humanly do. However, Bush is no longer president. It is imperative, at this critical moment, for President Obama to hone his agenda and direct the current political debate toward a more positive and optimistic tone. The constant refectory and hindsight accusations presently being made against the former administration does not advance his cause nor does it bolster his chances in 2012.

Comment by Salem of GA 

The hole we are in might be Bush's fault. The hole Obama is digging for himself by blaming Bush, in every speech he makes, is Obama's fault. That strategy seems to be failing him. It is his decision to stay that course or not. He has enough votes in the Senate and the House that the healthcare bill could have been written and passed in any week the Democrats chose, with no Republican votes at all. That didn't happen. That is not Bush's fault, nor the Republican's fault; it is Obama's fault. This is his signature item.

Comment by Sternberg of SC 

Facts is facts. I seem to remember Reagan blaming Carter when he ran on "morning in America." Sure, Obama's estimates of how bad the mess he'd been left was were off, but that didn't cause the mess.

Comment by Annika Prichard of CA 

I agree with the president that he inherited a mess. We all inherited a mess and we are "all" part of the problem that created the mess. Our president, Congress, and Senate need to realize that they are "all" to blame and that this is not just a Republican or a Democrat issue. It is an economy issue that needs to be resolved. The president is at the whim of legislation passed by the Congress and Senate, a group that our current president was from, and yes, President Bush did initiate the war in Iraq--second-guessing can certainly say this was a potential big mistake and a money pit for us. However, the blame game is not getting the Democrats and Republicans to work together, and they are all part of the problem. If they would be adults and work together as adults as opposed to slinging mud, we may actually see some signs of a recovery. Now the stock market is going the wrong direction, we are continuing to spend money we do not have, companies are sending thousands of jobs to India, Mexico, and other countries while putting U.S.-based wage earners out of work. Let's stop blaming each other and work together because voting "present" while in the Senate or Congress as opposed to "Yay" or "Nay" is not leadership; it is bypassing the issues.

Comment by Donald of TX