Letters and Comments

January 2010

Assessing Airport Security

I am not convinced that the additional measures implemented are useful [What Airport Security Costs You, usnews.com]. For example, I find it hard to believe that running one's shoes through an X-ray machine does anything for security. First, it is my understanding that explosives will not be ...

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Living on Less

[Catherine Goerz ] has some great ideas for surviving with class amid this terrible recession. But I do agree that we have [awakened] in the middle of an overindulgence dream [How to Live Happily on 75 Percent Less, usnews.com]. The dream of having everything we wanted, when we wanted, simply by ...

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Obama's Obstacles

President Obama has a rough road ahead of him. He was handed the ball as a rookie walking on the field for the first time ["10 Keys to an Obama Comeback," usnews.com]. I think he is doing a great job carrying it. We are all hurting right now as a nation, but we have to allow the president enough ...

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Health Reform and Party Politics

Yes, the differences will be settled, but the result will be a victim of compromise so that President Obama will have a healthcare bill to sign ["Now the Hard Work Begins," Dec. 24, 2009]. This bill represents a rush to put together legislation to meet an arbitrary deadline, despite its burgeoning ...

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The Best Discontinued Cars

In response to your "The 10 Best Discontinued Cars" [usnews.com], I wanted to point out a few erroneous points, including the overall fact that neither Matrix nor FJ Cruiser are scheduled to be discontinued. Because the article "speculated" that both models were likely to be discontinued as part of ...

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Critiquing Obama's Style

When I first read this headline, I thought this would be a great segment for a Saturday Night Live skit ["Critics Say Obama Lacks Emotion," usnews.com]. Some of the greatest philosophers in the West, as well as in the East, have lauded the importance of reason over emotion in the search for the ...

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