Hillary Clinton in 2012?

While I think it would be fabulous, I cannot see [Hillary Clinton] challenging [Barack Obama] unless he stepped down and endorsed her [“A Hillary Clinton Primary Challenge to Obama in 2012?” usnews.com].

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While I think it would be fabulous, I cannot see [Hillary Clinton] challenging [Barack Obama] unless he stepped down and endorsed her ["A Hillary Clinton Primary Challenge to Obama in 2012?" usnews.com]. Hillary is too loyal to want to rip the party apart. Despite the disgusting way she was treated by the press in 2008, if she really wanted to rap the party over the head for its Obama-haze, she would have fought on to the convention floor—as was her right, since they were so close in delegates. For many reasons, I can't see her running in 2012 unless she is literally drafted to do so.

Comment by Ani of NY

I hope [Hillary Clinton] does challenge the president. I voted for him because she supported him for president after she dropped out. Voting for him is one of the biggest mistakes I have made. If only I knew then what I know now. I have voted Democrat 95 percent of the time. I voted for Reagan because Carter was a disaster. I also voted for a few Republicans in Congress. The president has strayed so far from his campaign speeches that I don't even know who he is when he comes on TV to talk. Do I dare say that I miss Bush? No, I don't at all. But the way [Obama] is going, there doesn't look like there is much difference.

Comment by Rhonda of IL

This country really lost out, allowing a Hillary presidency to slip through its hands. Imagine having someone who really knew what they were talking about at the helm. If you re-watch the primary debates, you will see clearly who has the breadth and depth of knowledge we need at this time. America blew an opportunity. Hillary Clinton loves this country and its people and has spent her life serving both. She has repeatedly been bigger than her circumstances and bigger than her critics. If Hillary can be convinced to run again, we should all be grateful.

Comment by Sophie of CT

I can't imagine Hillary running in a primary in 2012. I would love to see her as president. I supported Hillary in the primary. But I voted Obama in the general 2008, and wasn't excited about it. He has done OK, but his inexperience is showing. He needs to stop attacking banks as this hurts the stock market, which generally hurts the economy, which means less jobs. Hillary knows how to be a populist fighter without scaring the stock market, but Obama does not. I would gladly vote for her if she ran again, but it is hard to see how she would pull it off against incumbent Obama.

Comment by Chris of OH

I would vote for Hillary for president in a heartbeat. She still remains the most intelligent, hard-working, qualified candidate to lead our country in these troubled times. Hillary would not have let the healthcare bill drag on for a year to only meet with failure. A Democrat would have won the election in Massachusetts for Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat. Hillary would have had her eye on the ball. Everything Hillary said about Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign has come true—he isn't experienced enough to lead our country. Hillary, go for it. America needs you. We have your back. We need you for our Madame President.

Comment by Patty of NY

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