Obama Vs. the Supreme Court

Supreme Court [justices] have a history of building castles of legal cards to suit their own agendas ["Alito's 'Not True' Was Out of Line; Court Deserves Obama Smack," usnews.com].

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Supreme Court [justices] have a history of building castles of legal cards to suit their own agendas ["Alito's 'Not True' Was Out of Line; Court Deserves Obama Smack," usnews.com]. This case is no different and the dissenting opinion is well stated here. [Sam] Alito is entitled to a personal opinion. He is not, however, entitled to throw out the means by which we defend ourselves from coercive tactics heavily funded by special interests and at variance to the public good. A test of common sense: A corporation is not a person. Is that a true statement or not? If true, no amount of legal finagling can modify it without failing the first rule of applied law: logic.

Comment by D. Acres of WA

President Obama was out of line for insulting the [Supreme] Court in the State of the Union Address. It’s called separation of powers, and he should respect it. I for one agree with the ruling, as long as it’s disclosed who is paying for an advocacy ad. People (including those who own a corporation) can decide for themselves what they agree/disagree with and act accordingly. Given the sycophantic worship of the left by mainstream media, this will give competing views voice.

Comment by Keyth of MD

I find that Republicans immediately jerk to attention if anyone says anything about them. This is a very conservative court. This ruling will enable corporations to wrest control from both the conservative and liberal individuals in this country. It’s about free speech? Corporations can’t speak, but people can. Comment by Anne of MA

Obama, either out of his incredible ignorance of the law or his unparalleled dishonesty, blatantly misrepresented the court’s ruling and its impact on the electoral process in a shameless attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court and score some political points. Justice Alito, quite demurely, simply corrected [Obama’s] inaccurate description of the ruling and spoke truth to power. Obama’s display was disgraceful and unpresidential. Kudos to Justice Alito for not allowing it to go unanswered. Comment by Lance of NY

Our government is made up of three separate powers. This is how it was designed. With the Legislative and Executive branches holding hands for the past year, the Judicial has been the only true separate power. If the Executive power decides to throw punches at the Judicial just because they did not fall in line with its expectations, then the judicial power should be able to comment back. These powers should be separate but equal. So if you want to comment then include how out of line it is for the president to bash the Supreme Court! Comment by D. Travis of VA

It appears that once a conservative joins the Supreme Court, he begins to believe he is supreme in all matters. Justice Alito should be chastised for his rudeness to the office of the president and to Obama personally. Obama was respectful in his disagreement, and the justices should behave appropriately also. The ruling should be curtailed. Too many of these justices appear to be owned by the large corporations and banks. After all, they are just men/women and can be bought just like many of the members of Congress. How wonderful it will be when one of these conservative men retires—hopefully sooner, not later. Comment by A. Caprio of VA

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