Limbaugh and Helping Haiti

Rush Limbaugh should be ashamed to call himself a Christian, an American, and a human being ["Rush Limbaugh: No More Aid for Haiti,"].


Rush Limbaugh should be ashamed to call himself a Christian, an American, and a human being ["Rush Limbaugh: No More Aid for Haiti,"]. Such insensitive comments, with no regard for the millions of men, women, and children who are now suffering or dead as a result of this horrible earthquake. He should be banned from the airwaves, and have his radio show cancelled. There is no room in America for his racist, hurtful comments, and his treasonous remarks toward President Obama. As Americans, we have the right to petition to have him removed from the airwaves, and this should be done as soon as possible.

Comment by Kay Rasheed of GA

I have gone to Rush Limbaugh's website and read the transcript of the program that you cite in your article. He is not telling people "Do not donate to Haiti relief." He says do not donate through the website. He states that his belief that funds that would go through the White House website would go to the Haitian government and would probably not be used for the relief of the Haitian people. He does encourage people who want to help to go through an established charity, like the Red Cross, by donating directly to them. With that said, I must criticize Rush's comparison of Obama's response to the earthquake in Haiti to the Christmas airline bombing attempt. When the news was released about the attempted bombing, the terrorist involved was in custody, and airport security had been heightened. The president did not have much to report to the American people that had not already been reported by the media, so therefore, he waited until more of the story was known to address the public. The threat posed by this one terrorist was zero once he was in custody. The plight of the Haitian people is dire, and swift action will save lives. There is no comparison; therefore, the criticism is unwarranted.

Comment by Wayne Jones of KY 

The only context one needs to evaluate Rush Limbaugh on is his consistent lack of compassion, or any other characteristic that generally defines a decent human being. Response to a natural disaster, particularly one well within our geographic proximity, is simply a given. American nonprofits and NGOs would mobilize, as a mere matter of principle, and the U.S. military is clearly equipped to assist, as it has countless times. All they require is the go-ahead to deploy. The only political aspect here is the public way in which Obama and his administration address the situation, and how quickly they coordinate relief efforts. That is where the political calculations come into play. Clearly, were Obama slow to react, or incomplete in his response, wonks like Rush Limbaugh would be only too happy to pounce on him for it.

Comment by Leonardo of CO 

Rush Limbaugh doesn't mean that we shouldn't help Haiti in its time of need. We should help in any way we can. But you can be sure Obama will take advantage of this crisis to expand his own power and increase government control of the people.

Comment by Dominic of OH 

This is disturbing. Whether he really feels that way or not, [Limbaugh] is spewing this hate for the publicity. He is taking a horrific travesty and using it for his own publicity; it truly doesn't get much lower than that. I honestly don't understand how he sleeps at night.

Comment by Jessie of ID 

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