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Prediction—Sarah Palin will not air on Fox and/or will air and fail ["Fox Runs a Risk in Hiring Sarah Palin,"].

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Prediction—Sarah Palin will not air on Fox and/or will air and fail ["Fox Runs a Risk in Hiring Sarah Palin,"]. Her history is that she avoids taking time to learn and study, she has no interest in reading, and she lacks the initiative to "prepare." It would also help if she spoke in complete sentences (you know, using nouns, verbs, adjectives, all in the proper place with a period at the end). Palin is certainly suited for the entertainment arena ... her history in the political field is dismal. Fox would be better off with Conan O'Brien.

Comment by Bob Burman of OH

After reading her book, I have a much clearer understanding of who Sarah Palin really is. She is smart, hard-working, and clean (as in politics hasn't made a crook out of her). Good for her. There is a place in the spotlight for her. I wish her much success and so should anyone else who is hard-working and honest and wants new, trustworthy people in government and the public spotlight. She can be true to her heart. Perfect she's not, but neither is anyone else on the face of this Earth.

Comment by Ruth of NY

I find it disheartening that a "news" show like Fox News is top-rated in this country. It is textbook "follow the crowd" mentality. But in this case, it is also destructive. It is also a little scary that so many people view all issues as liberal vs. conservative, or Repubs vs. Dems, and seem to be vigorous about the "fight" that Fox News is creating, just to get ratings. So many otherwise intelligent people I know watch this horrendous news show, and all of them say the same things, using the same words. [Glenn] Beck and [Sean] Hannity are nothing more than glorified infomercial hawkers, and if you listen to them long enough, you'll be willing to buy into anything.

Comment by Mary of NY

We are so ready to have an intelligent woman who also possesses a moral standard in the political arena. When others attack you mercilessly, they fear you. Sarah, simply having a moral standard, has caused those of the left to tremble. There has also been a strong suggestion that the male chauvinism of both political sides struggles with women who posses real power for change. Sarah's courage to stand in the face of such opposition provides the rest of us with a well worn trail to follow boldly.

Comment by Gail Combs of TX

I am not the least bit surprised Sarah joined Fox News. I am not sure why it would bother people though. You have the choice to watch Fox or not. I believe it greatly diminishes her credibility as a presidential candidate and shows what she has been after all along: fame and money. Why else would you say such outlandish things? With her narrow-minded views, she would never gain the base to be elected. The only regrettable thing about her not running for president is that it would have almost ensured the Democrats' victory.

Comment by Taylor of CT

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