Obama's Obstacles

President Obama has a rough road ahead of him. He was handed the ball as a rookie walking on the field for the first time ["10 Keys to an Obama Comeback," usnews.com].

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President Obama has a rough road ahead of him. He was handed the ball as a rookie walking on the field for the first time ["10 Keys to an Obama Comeback," usnews.com]. I think he is doing a great job carrying it. We are all hurting right now as a nation, but we have to allow the president enough time to do his job. And I think he will come out the victor. Maybe he's not doing the job the way a lot of Americans would like for him to, but he's doing it to the best of his ability. So keep the faith, Mr. President, hold your head up high and let God lead the way. Because if God is for you, then who cares if the whole world is against you?

Comment by Loretta Tate of MS

If [President Obama] wanted to spend another term in office, he needs to connect to the populace. I like the one about him skipping fancy dinners and eating at a Denny's. I would love to see him eat at a McDonald's. It would show us that he doesn't view himself above us. Connect with us as a people, not as a group of voters. We will be glad for it.

Comment by Joseph of CA 

I'm amazed these suggestions have been made. I believe the president is working very hard, has almost unsolvable problems on his plate, and will not let the media hype dictate the timing of his decisions. Thank God he is thinking before he makes decisions that affect our lives. Give him a chance to do the job we hired him to do and not have a knee-jerk reaction to "political hay."

Comment by Mary of PA 

The big thing I'd change about the author's list would be to say the president should go before the American people and just say he'd made a judgment error or that the circumstances of late have changed his decision on Gitmo. Keep it open, and keep and prosecute all the enemy combatants there. The cost alone of bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to N.Y. makes it a foolish idea, and sets an awful precedent.

Comment by Gena of TX 

Obama must grab the populist position. He must, by words and especially by deeds, show that he can control the wealthy bankers, speculators, and corporations that people are angry at. FDR made a point of taking on these people and boasted publicly about the fact that he had earned their enmity. So far, Obama has done some positive things but not enough tough things. He must force a Consumer Financial Protection agency down the throats of the big investment houses, and crow about it. He must force the big insurance and investment banks to roll back their planned big bonuses. Above all, he must make it clear that FOBBs (Friends of Big Business) like Geithner, Bernanke, and Summers aren't calling all the shots.

Comment by Mark Bridger of MA 

I agree with all but one of the 10: the one on Oprah. Not as many people as you think trust Oprah. I know I don't. The 10th should be to stop corruption by our elected officials, which the majority of the people believe to be corrupt. We usually elect them because we have a serious lack of options. One idea would be to let some "regular Joes" run.

Comment by Robert Shad McMichael of WA 

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