Lieberman's High-Stakes Healthcare Vote

Everyone needs to remember that Joe is an independent senator ["Joe Lieberman Bows Before Special Interests on Healthcare Reform,"].


Everyone needs to remember that Joe is an independent senator ["Joe Lieberman Bows Before Special Interests on Healthcare Reform,"]. The Democrats threw him under the bus in 2006 when they supported the individual who defeated him in the Democratic primary. The voters in Connecticut then re-elected him [as an independent]. So now he is in a position of great power since the Democrats need 60 votes to do anything. And he is exercising that power to shape the healthcare reform bill more to his liking. Why not write a column complaining about the influence that unions, trial lawyers, and "community activists" have with the current administration. All politicians are beholden to someone.

Comment by Bob of TX

I am having a hard time figuring Joe out, but I do believe you hit the nail on the head. Joe has been bought by the special interests seeking the status quo and the health insurance companies domiciled in his state. If what I see being reported is correct, his state of Connecticut favors the public option. Obviously he doesn't care about his own constituents but rather prefers to have his nest feathered with generous contributions. It's a book titled "I'm Getting Rich" and the author is Joe Lieberman.

Comment by AJ of IL

All politicians are bought by special interest groups, so I'm not sure why this comes as a huge surprise, and if you want to fault Lieberman then you have to fault every politician. With that said, it's refreshing to see a Democrat standing up for freedom even if it is for selfish reasons.

Comment by Jeanne R. of CT

I saw Lieberman support the war in Iraq like a Republican. I saw him campaign for McCain like a Republican. I see him doing his best to kill healthcare reform like a Republican. He's just a Republican! He ought to be removed from his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. And kicked out of the Democratic Caucus. I'm sure the Republicans won't accept him either, so he can go sit in the corner by himself.

Comment by Drew Einhorn of NM

I don't know Senator Lieberman and his intentions, but what I do know is that Democrats will spend this country into oblivion if given the chance. I have no favors for Republicans either since they blew it when they were in control. If Senator Lieberman happens by contrivance or by patriotic principles to oppose the reckless spending by the party in power, then thank God! Hurray! Not all is lost! We need leaders in Congress who are ethically principled, independent thinkers, and who know how to balance self-interest with the interest of the country. So far, Senator Lieberman fits the bill. If you all are really serious about healthcare reform (or any other reform for that matter), then I would suggest that we kick all the Congress people out of office and then replace them with people from your local moms and dads clubs. Then we will have the best healthcare system in the world at a fraction of the cost of today's healthcare.

Comment by John of TX

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