Debating the Global Warming E-Mail Scandal

These 'scientists' appear to have doctored data with the distinct purpose of promoting a false outcome ["Penn State Will Investigate 'Climategate',"].

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These 'scientists' appear to have doctored data with the distinct purpose of promoting a false outcome ["Penn State Will Investigate 'Climategate',"]. This is not just some 'science report' for a term paper, but a purposeful attempt to change policy around the world and cost citizens of America and other industrialized nations billions and billions of dollars. These policy changes could possibly destroy entire economies. At the same time, these 'scientists' stood to gain millions and millions in added research dollars to continue to 'monitor' man-made global warming that most likely doesn't exist. These fake scientists should be thoroughly investigated for this fraud, prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and not be allowed to have the opportunity to deceive the public again.

Comment by Ed of GA

Professor Michael Mann and his associates have apparently been caught in the scientific gaffe of the century. He, as a trusted member of the community of scientists looking into the global warming phenomena, had a responsibility to act with discipline and integrity in this matter. His part in this fiasco reflects badly upon not just him, but the University as well. If proven complicit, his resignation would be appropriate.

Comment by B.W. Tuton of PA

It wasn't too long ago that in reputable universities, medical schools' faculty researchers were ultimately fired for skewing research data to result in what they were looking for and what would put more money in their pockets. This, of course, was mandatory in order to continue faith in our academic institutions. Let us see how that plays out today among the best and the brightest. Wonder what the odds are that anything will be done what so ever. Care to wager?

Comment by Laurie Davis of NY

Professor Mann's involvement needs to be reviewed in terms of ethics. While academic freedom is vital contributors to Penn State University (The state, alumni, students and parents of students) need confidence that fraud and deceit don't rule the day at Penn State on a matter of this kind of global yet very personal impact. They are asking governments and people to spend trillions upon trillions to fix global warming.

Comment by Dave of PA

Maybe the scientist will realize that only about 150 years of data are available for the study of 50 million years of climate information. Supposition is not fact or scientific proof of a theory. Science is not to be used for political policy making, but for true knowledge. Use your scientific skills to further knowledge, not for politicians to make money or voter points.

Larry K. Armstrong of MO

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