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November 2009

Jesse Jackson on Healthcare

[Jesse Jackson] was the very best at commanding an audience and was a terrific spokesman for black America. Time has passed him by, though. Barack Obama is the new wave—a living demonstration of what can be done by being an example instead of a rabble rouser.

Ron W. Smith of UT in response to

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Healthcare Bureaucrat over Insurance Agent

If I have to choose between having a bureaucrat and a health insurance agent decide on weather or not I get health care, I will gladly take the bureaucrat. If the bureaucrat doesn't have my best interest in mind... then off he goes next election.

Comment by Jay of N.Y. in response to:

Now Comes the ...

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Obama's Oversized Agenda

President Obama will win the war with economics given another year or so ["Obama's Honeymoon Is Over," usnews.com]. It would take the next decade or two to make any progress in Afghanistan. He should cut our losses and pull out of Afghanistan; let their own people take care of the Taliban. He needs ...

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