Black Friday Backlash

I have been working in retail for over 20 years ["Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday,"].

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I have been working in retail for over 20 years ["Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday,"]. The best advice is to do research; make a list of what stores and what you want to buy. Have a game plan. Go online look at the fliers, print out or cut the coupons you are going to use. Be polite and nice to the cashiers and sales associates, why? Because we usually have to be at work at 3 am or earlier to get the store ready for the sale. If item is sold out, don't take it out on the sales associate; it's not their fault someone got it first. Walk don't rush into a store; are you human beings or a herd of stampeding buffalo? Be patient and prepared at the register checkout because there will be long lines, no need to be rude and rush the cashier. He/she is doing the best they can. It's not easy and it's a lot of hard work. I prefer to shop online...working in a store is the last place I'd like to be on Black Friday.

Comment by Alrana of CT

I avoid Black Friday because of rude shoppers. Instead, I shop early and get in on good sales—often better sales. This way I am sure to be polite to the sales staff, and they in return can be polite to me and others. I know what my large family wants/needs, and I have a budget that I stick to. It's the meaning of Christmas that I am after and Black Friday does not meet my needs.

Comment by Maggie of CA

Thanksgiving used to be a special day in this country, but not anymore. With all the hype of "Black Friday," shoppers are willing to shorten the holiday in favor of "door-busters." Retailers are opening at midnight, on Thanksgiving; some are open on the holiday itself. The greed of these companies is unspeakable. The people who work in these retail stores need to be there earlier to avoid mob scenes. So much for Thanksgiving for them. It's just a matter of time before all retailers follow the same trend (opening at midnight). Thanksgiving will have no special meaning, and "Black Friday" will be just another day. Next on the list will be Christmas. All stores open with "specials" to entice the people to give up family time. When is it going to stop? Times are bad, but let's keep our holidays for family.

Comment by Mark Skorzawski of NY

It is terrible for stores to be open on Thanksgiving or open at midnight or 4 am on Black Friday. It does take away from family time for both the shoppers and the employee and degrades the holiday. But we live, at least for the moment, in a free market and this is the free market at work. I believe in the free market. That may be an unpopular position to take these days. If we all agree that it is a bad thing for stores to be open on Thanksgiving and open at midnight on Black Friday, we should use the free market to end the practice before it takes hold—by not shopping then! If it is unprofitable for retailers to be open they won't do it anymore and we can keep our holidays.

Comment by Rich Alderman of CA

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