Obama's Oversized Agenda

President Obama will win the war with economics given another year or so ["Obama's Honeymoon Is Over," usnews.com].

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President Obama will win the war with economics given another year or so ["Obama's Honeymoon Is Over," usnews.com]. It would take the next decade or two to make any progress in Afghanistan. He should cut our losses and pull out of Afghanistan; let their own people take care of the Taliban. He needs to focus more on our economy, quick! He better not let the Great Recession become another Depression!

Barry W. Shook of IN

I voted for Obama because I was waiting many years for change. I do not take exceptions to President Obama's list of issues needing urgent attention, but he can't accomplish everything at once, and we are now already a good year down the road. I think he got his priorities wrong. I know it's time for healthcare reform but this can wait for now. There are two top priorities: first is to get America back to work; this is absolutely a fact. As far as Afghanistan, there are only two options. He can accept the general's recommendation for more troops or pull all the troops out ASAP (and that's fine with me). There is no middle course. Obama said he is working on putting America back to work, but that's not enough. Do it and do it now! I and many others voted for a leader, not a procrastinator.

Comment by Barry Meyer of OR

How do some folks forget about the lackluster presidency of "W"? He and his cronies put us in this mess with undisciplined economic efforts. Give President Obama the time to correct the malpractice of the Bush administration. Don't fall for the conservative ploy of "croc tears" about everything. Did they seek to help you before this recession? No! Now the Republicans want to stop everything and present a new proposal of the same old stale health tenets-health accounts, etc. Stick with Obama and get the reforms we need!

Comment by Bob of VA

As with any honeymoon, more than one person has to be involved to be successful. Let's face it, we Americans are inclined to believe that everyone else is responsible for our troubles, and everyone else is responsible for the solution. Suck it up, folks; "I have seen the enemy and it is us!"

Comment by Helen Rockwell of OH

It is true that Obama has been a major disappointment. The country had so much hope that he would fix all the ills of the previous eight years—and restore America to its place in the world as the shining example of prosperity and enlightened democracy. Obama hasn't been a bad president; he just hasn't fulfilled the aspirations of his expectant followers. Obama hasn't done a bad job (just not a great job). In fact, considering the alternative to Obama—as we can judge from the daily inane pronouncements of Republicans—we should be appreciative that we have Obama as president. Of course, we should press him to do better.

Comment by Steve Wang of PA

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