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It does not matter what Fox says about the president, it is the freedom of a true democracy to allow the voice of opposition ["White House: Fox Pushed Team Obama Over the Brink,"].

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It does not matter what Fox says about the president, it is the freedom of a true democracy to allow the voice of opposition ["White House: Fox Pushed Team Obama Over the Brink,"]. It is not the leader's position to say which opposition is accurate and which isn't; in fact, this is entirely irrelevant to the position of a leader. Furthermore, it is not the place of any leader of a "free nation" to muffle the sounds of a voice; no matter how inaccurate it is. That is not freedom of speech. It is the leader's freedom to choose not to listen to that voice, and that is exactly what President Obama should have done.

Comment by Jane of NY

Fox happens to be the only network that includes meaningful criticism of President Obama and his policies. Come to think of it, there's almost no criticism at all on the other news networks—and that which does exist is the result either of leads developed by Fox, or in response to the disparaging of Fox (and the encouragement of a boycott of the network). Usually, presidents understand the need to be above the fray. MSNBC was (and is) enormously and shrilly critical of President Bush and Republicans in general. If Fox is not a "news network," then neither is MSNBC. Yet, the Obama White House has invited MSNBC personalities Maddow and Olbermann for private meetings.

Comment by David Bertoni of ME

I tuned out of Fox even before the election. It was just too hard to try to separate the "news" from the propaganda. Freedom of speech allows Fox to voice opinions. It even allows them to call those opinions "news." That freedom doesn't force the White House or any of the rest of us to listen to their ridiculous blabber, especially when it turns slanderous. I feel about Fox, Limbaugh, and the like the way Biden feels about Cheney—who cares?

Comment by Andy of AZ

People will migrate to the channel that reflects the political party they signed up for. This identifies them and puts them in a bucket where political newscasters can feed them. We the people are much smarter than this two-party bickering. Obama won, so suck it up and let's get on with supporting the President of the United States and our country. The world is laughing at our divided attitudes and lack of Unity.

Comment by Anthony of NV

I agree that Obama will not get a fair shake from Fox, at least some of the time. But, the Republican Party will never get a fair shake from MSNBC, and the president knows it, yet does not complain about MSNBC. Both sides cherry pick their facts, leading to a distortion of what is really happening. The Obama White House is being hypocritical in complaining only about Fox. In other words, it's OK to distort things only if it helps my side.

Comment by Mary of PA

Bush's administration got hammered routinely, the same thing is happening here except in reverse, but now the mainstream media has their guy in office and so the only criticism is coming from Fox. I personally think media should always be skeptics and critical of government, no matter whom is in office. I know it's hard for the White House and liberals to believe this but Fox is picking up on general sentiment from a lot of people right of center who are frightened and angry by the moves of this administration. This country is divided on political thought so no matter who's in office for the foreseeable future there is always going to be a large group of detractors. What's interesting about this administration is that they get overwhelming support from the mainstream networks and yet they seem so thin-skinned about the one network in the world that is critical of their policies.

Comment by Jay of AR

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