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So often our discussions seem to leave out reason and fairness ["Social Security Makes the Call: No 2010 COLA,"].

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So often our discussions seem to leave out reason and fairness ["Social Security Makes the Call: No 2010 COLA,"]. Let me assure you I have concerns for the elderly. As a pastor I visit them and hear of their trials on a regular basis. However, this fussing over no cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for this year is unreasonable. If there was no inflation then there should be no COLA. But you say," their expenses did go up in certain areas that affect them directly." This is true. They paid more for healthcare, drugs, and food. But remember that in years past they received increases based on the same formula. Many of the elements (involved in inflation) that increased their benefits in times past were areas that did not affect them. In the overall picture, it is fair.

Comment by Fredrick Stone of NC

The $250 will just pay for four months of the increase of my healthcare cost. I will be paying almost a third of my total income, Social Security, and savings interest for health insurance. No COLA is really taking advantage of seniors. Go to the store and find what real costs are. No inflation? What a joke. Meanwhile the big bankers are paying out huge bonuses again; interest on savings is so low that it is almost nothing. Meanwhile trillions are being spent on the "haves" and nothing for those that "do not have."

Comment by Bill Webber of WI

The 5.8 percent received last year was an inflated value; look at it as 2.9 percent last year and 2.9 percent this year. Social Security was never intended as a sole means of support. While I feel badly for those who didn't plan their retirement, I am putting money aside now so that I don't have to rely on Social Security. As much as I can, I sacrifice now so I won't have to in retirement. I am sure it won't be enough, but Social Security will serve its purpose, to supplement my retirement earnings.

Comment by L. Young of FL

A separate COLA should be calculated for seniors, and Social Security COLA changes should be based on that. Many seniors have high unreimbursed medical expenses and have to hire people to help them do things they used to do themselves.

Comment by Barbara of CT

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