The Long-Term Unemployed and the Jarring Job Market

It's not surprising the long-term unemployed (I've been out of work since February) get discouraged and negative ["How the Long-Term Unemployed Can Find Work,"].


It's not surprising the long-term unemployed (I've been out of work since February) get discouraged and negative ["How the Long-Term Unemployed Can Find Work,"]. That's why I advise people not to read articles about job searching but rather read about pure salesmanship and how a salesperson stays motivated and positive with all the rejections that they must face. Attitude is everything—figure out a way to stay positive is my motto.

Comment by Fred Weber of NC

I have been out of work for seven months now. The company I worked for gave me the boot after 28 years of dedication. I have looked for work, but I 'm turned down on a regular basis. I'm sure my age has a lot to do with that. I'm also told my job skills are limited. I never thought looking for employment would be so difficult. Unemployment takes a toll mentally and physically.

Comment by Rose of WI

I see that I am not alone in my predicament. I am in my mid-50s and have been looking for work since being laid off in October of last year. I have gone through my first and second extensions on unemployment but have been denied a third extension because I didn't make enough money from a claim I filed from a different short-term job I had. I have worked my entire life, and I'm also a veteran. When all this crap started, I figured all I needed to do was hang in there, and I would get back to work and get everything back on track. But now I know that's not going to happen. For the first time in my life, it's actually a possibility I might soon be homeless!

Comment by Terry Smith of CA

No one is addressing the real problem of this recession and that is jobs. This administration is no different than the last one. They are interested in "anything" that does not have to do with putting people back to work in this country. Our politicians allowed all the jobs to be farmed out to other countries and for no good reason. The only way America was able to get back on its feet from the last depression was to produce its way out. Our country no longer has that option. We do not produce anything near of what we are capable of simply because of greed from the large corporations who can go overseas and make everything at a fraction of what it cost to produce in this country. But the trouble is, they still want us to buy it. I'm 53 years old with almost 30 years of management experience. Out of work almost a year and have yet to even be interviewed for any job!

Comment by Ron Lindamood of NC

One would think that employers would enjoy having someone 50 or over working on their staffs. After all, we have a lot to offer—not just skills related to the job, but a different mind-set than those younger than us. Things like: dependability, organized, hard-working, punctual, willing to learn, etc. Unfortunately, just like so many others my age, I'm finding it very tiring doing the same thing every weekday trying to find what few jobs are out there. It is so frustrating applying for jobs that you know you can do, and then find out that the position went to an internal candidate. Makes one wonder why they even bothered to post the job in the first place.

Comment by Eric J. Anderson of OR

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