The Sarah Palin Appeal

No one threatens liberals more than Governor Palin ["Insiders Speculate on Palin's New Book,"].


Love her or hate her...does it really matter ["Insiders Speculate on Palin's New Book,"]? She is going to sell a lot of books; not because people respect her as a politician, but because people are intrigued by her personal and professional drama. She should be kissing John McCain's feet. If it wasn't for him her political aspirations (if she really even had any) wouldn't have amounted to anything on a national scale. She has become more of a commercial product than a serious politician. When does the movie come out?

Comment by Sharon of NC

No one threatens liberals more than Palin. She stands against corruption which liberals en mass condone. She openly acknowledges a personal belief in God, which many liberals detest. She stands for small government and respect for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She believes congressmen and women should abide by the same standards as the man on the American streets. She stands for political, corporate, and personal accountability in discharging responsible tasks. She has performed admirably as the governor of Alaska. She is a genuine American.

Comment by David S. Gotaas of IL

Numerous members of Sarah Palin's own party believe she is unqualified to be a presidential candidate in 2012 and thought she was unqualified as a vice presidential candidate as McCain's running mate. Writing a self-promotional book is not going to change that among GOP and Democratic leaders and citizens. Palin is arguably the most non-threatening member of the GOP. Her chances of becoming the president are slim to none, in part due to her collective fan base being so narrow-minded in their beliefs. I'm sure those fans will praise her book and she will receive backlash from the rest.

Comment by Brendan K. of IA

The only thing Lynn Vincent [co-author of Going Rogue: An American Life] did was edit it like all books are edited. Palin's book is already number one Best Seller on Barnes & Noble and Amazon...48 days before release. Her fan base grows everyday and that is reflected on the number of people signed on as fans to her Facebook page. The more attacks she gets from the far left the more people feel she's representative of them and their families. There is already talk of expanding the first printing of 1.5 million which was large to begin with. I invite all rational people to Palin's Facebook page to read her notes section. She will win you over.

Comment by Shawn of FL

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