Rep. Alan Grayson's Healthcare Holocaust

Kudos to Congressman Grayson for his blunt—and truthful—summary of the Republican plan ["Grayson's Healthcare 'Holocaust' and Republican 'Die' Comments Show Dem Hypocrisy,"]

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Kudos to Congressman Grayson for his blunt—and truthful—summary of the Republican plan ["Grayson's Healthcare 'Holocaust' and Republican 'Die' Comments Show Dem Hypocrisy,"]. Those on the right demanding his head on a platter are only displaying their rank hypocrisy for the umpteenth time. I would suggest that [blogger] Doug Heye check the facts, before labeling Dems with a word best reserved these days for the GOP. Compared to the hyperbole, vitriol, and outright sedition that's been spewed by Republican representatives on the floor of the House for the last eight months, Grayson's pointed remarks are a long-overdue sign of Democratic backbone. Apology?! Many on the right and left are also taking him to task for his use of the word "holocaust" (small "h") to describe the needless deaths of 45,000 fellow Americans each year. When I last checked, the dictionary still defines this word first as "destruction or slaughter on a mass scale." I find it hard to take the congressman to task on this point—even as a Jew—given the undeniably accurate way in which the word (again, small "h") was used.

Comment by Bob P. of FL

To those of you who agree with his [Alan Grayson's] use of the word holocaust, why don't you attend our temple's or any temple's upcoming Holocaust Memorial Day for a little perspective. You cheapen the word and disrespect those who experienced this travesty. "Holocaust" like "racist" is not a common, descriptive term with various applications. By the way, there are loads of source documents and photographs easily accessed on the Internet if you're still confused about the Holocaust.

Comment by Jill Flyer of CA

I think it's important to keep things in perspective. The word holocaust means: "great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire." Grayson did not compare it to the Jewish Holocaust. Everyone knows the magnitude of that atrocity, and he did not say this was equal to that. While I think his generalization and words were extreme, I think this goes along with the saying "if you can't beat them join them." I don't think Republicans can really think that Democrats are just going to sit and stare while their words and policies are being so severely misconstrued and twisted. I am actually relieved the Dems are giving the Repubs a taste of their own medicine. In the long run none of these attacks on either side are going to help the American people...typical politics.

Comment by Nancy of LA

I am very proud of Congressman Grayson for speaking the truth about all these crooked Republicans. Yes, I voted for him and that is one vote I can say honestly was a well cast vote. He has my support 100 percent. Keep up the good work. It's about time a Democratic congressman spoke up.

Comment by Walter Lane of FL

It is not the government's responsibility to manage health care. The most important function of government is to secure the rights and freedoms of individual citizens. They can't manage anything anyway. Our government is too big and too powerful already and American tax payers are getting totally ripped off through all these social welfare programs that perpetuate an entitlement mentality and destroy true American character. People do not have a right to expect the government to pay for their health insurance.

Comment by Mike Jones of NC

When 48,000 Americans are dying each year from lack of health care caused by lack of health insurance, this according to Harvard researchers, and the insurance company CEOs are earning millions in bonuses, and profiting 32 cents on the dollar—and that profit comes from making sure people don't get coverage, and get excluded causing 48,000 citizens to die—that is indeed a holocaust. I have no problem with Grayson using that term.

Comment Laurel Denver of CA

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