Letters and Comments

October 2009

Political Debate on Fox

I completely agree with Julia Piscitelli. The only way to change people's minds is by showing them why they are wrong ["Why Democrats Should Go on Fox," usnews.com]. You cannot do this unless you know where they are coming from and what their arguments are. As a Democrat, I watch Fox and read ...

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Accounting for America's Decline

As a historian, I can attest that every empire rises and falls, and the United States is no different ["9 Signs of America in Decline," usnews.com]. It is unfortunate that since Reagan, our decline has been steadily accelerated. The United States manufactures very little. Most of these jobs are in ...

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Don Imus at Fox

A breath of fresh air to have a personality that shoots straight, asks guests tough questions and doesn't let politicians get away with weasel-worded answers.

Tom Patterson of AL in response to Washington Whispers:

Fox Calls in Imus Cavalry

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