Mysteries and Myths of Freemasons

Freemasonry is just a men's fraternity with some not so secret, secrets ["Share Your Thoughts on the Freemasons,"].

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Freemasonry is just a men's fraternity with some not so secret, secrets ["Share Your Thoughts on the Freemasons,"]. Any average net researcher can find all there is to know about the Masonic secrets. I myself took an oath called an obligation not to reveal this information, not because it's secretive in and of itself, but because the act of honoring an oath builds character. By the way, the Masonic credo is "Making Good Men Better." There is no place for corrupt, evil men in this organization.

Comment by Mike W. of OH

Why is it that Freemasonry is limited to men and only men? Women have proven to be the equals of men and yet are not allowed to join this. To even qualify you have to be related to a freemason. In my personal opinion and as a scholar I believe it is a sexist organization. If it were not so it would have changed with the times and included women.

Comment by Ashley of NY

I was at a festival in town over the weekend and the Freemasons had a booth set up for selling food. Theirs was the least expensive amongst the others. More than 50 percent! I asked one of the brothers how I can become a Freemason, and he gave me some literature which was eloquently explained. It described the early Freemasons and how the fraternity was formed. It also explained what was expected of new members. It sounds like a wonderful fraternity to be a part of, and I'm waiting for my application to arrive.

Comment by Joe W. Hotkewicz of KY

Masonry is not a secretive organization. Members wear pins on their lapels and put bumper stickers on their cars proclaiming their membership. They do have symbolic rituals used to give their new members a better understanding of their beliefs but these are readily available in many books printed on the subject. Only people who want to discredit their philanthropic work (they contribute millions of dollars every year to help the less fortunate members of our society) and their firm belief in a Supreme Being still call it a "secretive" organization.

Comment by E. James of IL

In my experience, without exception, Freemasons are good and honorable men, working to be better men. No matter what else is going on in my life, within the Lodge I have always felt welcome, accepted and among friends. This is true even when I am only visiting and don't know anyone in the Lodge. As a Freemason, I am part of something much greater than myself, dedicated to the improvement of men and continuing the honorable quest for liberty for all and the brotherhood of men. It is an honor to be associated, through Masonry, with the many great men and Masons, some of whom were identified in this article. Millions more throughout the world live ordinary but good lives dedicated to their families, professions, communities and nations. If you want to learn more or to be a mason, ask a mason. We will always welcome honorable men.

Comment by L. Wes Sadler of WA

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