Christians, Atheists and U.S. Politics

There is a new demographic category on the American landscape—the category of Secular Americans ["4 Ways the 'No Religion' Boom Will Alter American Politics,"].

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There is a new demographic category on the American landscape—the category of Secular Americans ["4 Ways the 'No Religion' Boom Will Alter American Politics,"]. These folks are humanists, atheists, agnostics, or just plain nonreligious, and they are good, decent taxpaying citizens who demand that their views no longer be scorned and dismissed. Secular Americans once felt that they needed to be "in the closet" about their religious views. But now, by being open, they have created a new demographic category that will indeed change America for the better.

Comment by Dan of MA

Glad to see an article about this. I would love to see the data to see how many folks voted, like I and many others I know, against the Republican Party in 2008 to make sure that the neo-con Christian evangelicals got the boot. We are not a Christian nation, were never intended to be, and never will be, if I have anything to do about it. I wish politicians would keep their mouths shut about religion, and I am glad to see that others feel the same. Religion should be personal, and has nothing to do with running our secular government.

Comment by William of GA

Take Christianity or atheism out of politics and you will destroy our foundation. America is not an atheist country. We just do not respect one religion over another. The thing that has always made America great is we have room for all religions as long as they do not break our laws. Religious and nonbelievers make America what we are and is why we do not have wars on our soil. Do not take either out of politics unless your intention is to destroy us. Maybe true Christians would understand this better than nonbelievers because of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Politics, come to think of it, has its own religions: two called Republicans and Democrats and the politics version of atheism is Independents.

Comment by Don D. Brock of AZ

It was religious public figures like Bush, Rumsfeld, Huckabee, Palin, Romney, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck who probably did the most to let the seculars come out of the closet. Still a recent straw poll identified Mike ("I want to change the Constitution to meet God's word") Huckabee as their favored candidate in 2012. I used to consider myself Republican and would hope to again one day, but I cannot associate myself with what has become such a fetid, theocratic organization. When will they realize they are withering on the vine? Let us thank our founding fathers that created a secular nation and let us fight to keep it that way.

Comment by Mike Bruno of IL

The term "nones" is disparaging. It's a term that comes from a very narrow, but powerful (in this country) perspective - i.e. people of faith. It explicitly defines people who do not belong to a religious group as lacking...indeed, as being without entirely. Change this term now. It wouldn't be okay to describe people of color as being without whiteness. The worst part is that there's already a term for these groups. They are atheists or agnostics. Just call them atheists and agnostics. We have enough biased language to overcome in our society without inventing new issues.

Comment by Shawn of VT

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