Race and the Obama Backlash

Race is not a factor with respect to criticism of the current administration ["Obama Doesn't See Race as a Factor in Criticism," usnews.com].

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Race is not a factor with respect to criticism of the current administration ["Obama Doesn't See Race as a Factor in Criticism," usnews.com]. I agree with the president in that any such activity reflects a very small percentage of the opposition and is not the basis of the overwhelming number of U.S. citizens who are against the proposals coming out of the House, Senate, and White House. Criticism of this administration is based solely on the out-of-control spending, far left leaning policies and big government intrusion into the lives of the American people—period. I don't care what race the president is, or even his party for that matter. I do care about the path to utter destruction the administration is leading America down. 2010 will right the wrongs—incumbents of both parties beware!

Comment by M. Epstein of TX

President Obama is an accomplished writer, speaker, scholar, politician, and is president of the United States. He has big ideas and political beliefs. Few things are more insulting than statements like Carter's—that opposition to Obama is based on racism. Republicans have always opposed cap-and-trade and universal healthcare. They have always opposed people like Al Gore, the Clintons, the Kennedys, and Obama. President Obama's approval rating is higher than that of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all of Congress. Democrats booed President Bush's 2005 State of the Union address. Let's be grownups and not pretend political disagreement is racism. The president is a grownup. Frankly, when Obama was elected many people worried, not that he was black, but that he would be like Carter.

Comment by Helen of MD

I appreciate Mr. Obama's response to issue of race as a motive for [South Carolina Rep.] Joe Wilson's comment. I like others think that Mr. Wilson did not think before he reacted. He made a comment inappropriately and in the wrong venue. But I see it as nothing more than emotionalism. I do believe that [former President Jimmy] Carter was very wrong for making this sort of issue public. He has no way of knowing what was on Mr. Wilson's mind or heart.

Comment by Steven L. Gregory of MO

The problem with race relations in this country is that despite the fact that many inroads have been made, racism still exists. The problem is that now racism is underground; people are not discriminated against openly, unless there is a person stupid enough to do or say just that. By and large, the discrimination is subtle and imperceptible. Some people refuse to see it that way, and it's their opinion. Anyone who does not believe racism comes up any time this president speaks or does anything must have spent the last 75 years in another planet. The media, as sensational as they often are, do right in bringing the point to the forefront. This country needs to address its dirty laundry head on, and sweeping any notion that seems uncomfortable under the rug means a missed opportunity to resolve the issue.

Comment by Abel A. Rodriguez of FL

I agree with the president. This effort to discredit him on racial grounds is the work of a small number of misguided, fringe right-wing people. Most of the people (black, white & brown) in our country are hard-working and fair-minded and just looking for a better life for their families. The other people give the rest of the country and/or state a bad name. Good Luck, Mr. President. We are with you!

Comment by Sam of GA

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