Healthcare Reform and Senior Citizens

I find the reported attitude of seniors a tad frightening ["Obama and Democrats' Senior Citizen Problem,"].

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I find the reported attitude of seniors a tad frightening ["Obama and Democrats' Senior Citizen Problem,"]. I am 74, so I'm not talking down to seniors, but talking with them. Our generation has not been any great shakes at resolving this problem. We want to blame the government for all things wrong, but we forget we are the government. Our generation has consistently frivoled away our governing responsibilities and elected shallow, self-seeking, dishonest politicians. Now a younger generation has spoken in attempt to right our government, and we cry and protest. Isn't it time we got the hell out of the way? If we as senior citizens can contribute positively and effectively to improve our country and government then let's get busy. But to selfishly react so negatively just to protect our own benefits when so many others are in desperate need is shameful. Can we not go out with the pride and dignity our generation fought so hard for?

Comment by Donald Long on IN

Of course seniors don't want government healthcare to change. They already have an excellent deal with Medicare. Studies are showing that seniors receive more financial coverage than they ever paid in. Obviously, seniors deserve and need to have health coverage and Medicare has been a necessary help to many. However, the fear mongering and entitlement demands among even well-off Americans must be curtailed or the next generations will be paying for our greediness now.

Comment by Gina of OH

Partisan politics is scaring old people. Republicans are definitely not being very helpful when it comes to reforming healthcare. They know that if Obama passes this bill, no matter how watered down, it signals a win for the Democrats and the president. The problem with this is that people's health and safety should not be a partisan issue. The original proposal of a public plan would be best for the health and welfare for the majority of Americans. The argument that the current insurance companies would not be able to compete is right. Because they overcharge and treat people's health like they would a business deal! If they can find a loophole to drop a bad asset, they will. Just ask my father, who has cancer and was denied treatment by his provider due to a pre-existing condition. It makes me very angry when I see people spreading half-truths, and, in some cases, outright lies. This attempt to instill fear in people, with the intent to kill support for this bill, is disgusting and absolutely un-American. It is a widely held nonpartisan view that healthcare reform is needed. To delay it while people suffer to gain political power is unforgivable.

Comment by Wade Jones of CA

Obama has one problem that continually gets in his way...reality. Who in their right mind thinks that after years and years and years of cutting fraud, waste, and abuse in Medicare that there is enough savings to be had to fund Obama's healthcare reform? And if there still is that much fraud, waste, and abuse, and you replace it with an even larger government plan, who believes that it won't "cost one dime more" after adding 30 million people to it? By the way, if we cannot continue with the present costs of healthcare, as it is destroying our budget, how is it that we can be "deficit neutral"?

Comment by Evan K of NE

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