Of Torture, the CIA, and Eric Holder

To me it is very simple, were laws broken ["Obama's Torture Probe Betrays the CIA’s Terrorist Hunters," usnews.com]?

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To me it is very simple: Were laws broken ["Obama's Torture Probe Betrays the CIAs Terrorist Hunters," usnews.com]? If so, prosecute; if not, drop it. This is not about betrayal of the CIA as Mortimer B. Zuckerman states. The special prosecutor may find no reason to prosecute and the debate is over. If the roles were reversed, you can bet Cheney et al. would be calling Ken Starr back to active duty. I doubt that much intelligence was gained by the methods used. The success of the methods is not the issue, only the legality. We are a nation of laws; were any broken?

Comment by Chuck of IN

There is not and never has been an obligation to obey an illegal order, especially one which requires betrayal of everything that makes the United States different from, and better than, those countries where torture is routinely used. Those who issued and followed illegal orders betrayed the United States and its citizens.

Comment by Rosemary Williams of CA

Attorney General Holder, pursuing an obvious political agenda to please Obama's left-wing agenda, may in the future face investigation and indictment himself if his actions debilitate the CIA's ability to protect the United States from another major terrorist strike. This time the CIA would not be held accountable for lapses in intelligence. Rather it would be the actions of the attorney general of the United States and President Obama against the CIA that allow successful terrorist attacks on the United States. There will be hearings, indictments, and Holder will bear the brunt of an outraged country. Like Jimmy Carter, who decimated the CIA, Holder will become the catchword for traitor.

Comment by R. Oka of CA

The CIA bears much responsibility for betraying Americans by getting us into a war in Iraq by deception, one of numerous instances that the CIA has been wrong, befuddled, and misinformed. Their inaccurate intelligence betrays their mission and it's inexcusable. If we can't rely on the CIA to get their information right, we shouldn't use them for intelligence anymore. If we can't count on the CIA to work in the interests of the American people, we should count them out. If we can not trust the CIA, then disband them and start anew. Vietnam, Bay of Pigs, Iraq, 9/11, Air America, Contra-Narco deals ... the list of errors goes on and on. And now they have been evidently torturing—clearly against our laws and against international laws. We need to get this renegade outfit in line or pull the plug on the whole gang.

Comment by Tom of MT

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